Bulk Domain Rating Checker

Too many competitors? Enter the URL of all the sites in the text area and check out their Domain Rating by tapping on the “Check Rating” button.

Domain Authority Checker is the tool you need to keep an eye on how well you are doing in the online ranking competition. The domain authority is an SEO ranking score coined and created by Moz. It predicts after having a look at your current stats of how well you are doing in the SERP (search engine results page). The score ranges from one to hundred, the higher the rating, the better the chances for your website to rank.

It is imperative to keep an eye on the progress of your website, especially if you are using it for marketing purposes. Our page authority checker will also inspect the ranks of the backlinks you have linked to your website. Apparently, the more backlinks you have, the better the DA score you will get.

The reason is backlinks act as a backbone in SEO and is the toughest part because covering it requires constant efforts. There can be times when people place a backlink on their website for the time being. And, discard it later when you are no longer in contact with them. If you are using the paid methods, then it is essential to keep an eye on all those links because disavowing is not an option in this case.

Our DA checker will inspect the following given factors in order to calculate your domain authority.

- Links Included In Your Root Domain

Registering a website name or domain on a network means you have registered a root domain. After completing the process, you have been granted access to Alter/create the subdomains and the file structure. The website pages that come after the forward slash sign in the address bar are all part of the root domain. If Google finds quality content on one of the pages of your website it gets a chance to rank up in the SERP with the assistance of associated keyword.

The root domain contains all the URLs, and it plays a vital role in checking the domain authority of a website. As it is a ranking factor that enables our tool to learn how high the material on your site will rank in the SERP. It also allows you to keep track of incoming links with good quality.

- Over-all Amount of Inbound And Outbound Links

The complete number of incoming and outgoing connections and their condition is checked along with the rank of those pages. It enables our tool to be more precise while calculating results. So, make sure the outbound links are not broken. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that this tool is not used by Google to learn about the rankings of websites. They have their algorithms running 24/7 to keep a check on the progress of sites.

The DA score is calculated on a scale of a hundred. Now it is essential to know that if the rating of your website is above or equal to 70 after checking for weeks, then there is something wrong. Most of the sites with that score have high competition and are challenging to catch and outrank.

Don’t be surprised if we say yes! As we are talking about ranking in SERP and DA is a score based on your overall efforts. A DA is basically a prediction of the ranking aptitude of a site and achieving a high DA shouldn't be the only goal to which you must set a path for. The primary purpose is to let you know how well your rivals are doing in the online market. And you can build a tactic to outrank their domain authority.

So, if your competitors have more backlinks than you have and all of them hold a powerful reputation, then it might get difficult for you but not impossible. It is okay for a newly developed website to feel lost. However, it doesn’t mean you should lose hope and stop working on building a good search engine optimization tactic. There are still several other organic ways that you can imply which will support in promoting your business locally and online. Trying to achieve a rank in the local market can also give you a chance to rank in the online one. People around you (If they like your product or services) will refer others to look into your productions.

The keywords method, however, is not entirely related to backlinks; you can promote a website with the usage of long tail keywords. That can be quite beneficial if you are not using the non-organic methods. Still, it requires a lot of patience, and for a new website, it can take from anywhere near a few weeks to several months.

There can be a lot of potential impacting reasons for changing domain authority. One of the most significant ones is the erasure of backlinks. People can append and eliminate backlinks from time to time because there are websites that only add links (to the content of other sites) in order to unlock a better rank. If adding a link doesn’t assist them in ranking better, they can remove it, and there isn’t much you can do about it. Although it is better to abandon broken links and replace them with new links or better material.

To put our domain page authority checker to use, you can follow the below given instructions:

1. On the page of bulk DA Checker, you will find a text area that says “Enter URLs”. This is where you can add the website addresses of up to ten competitors at once with a line space.

2. When you are done writing URLs, make sure to check the box that says “I’m not a robot”. Then click on “Check Rating” button. The results will be generated in a matter of seconds, and you will be provided with your current DA score.