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Unify your PDF files in order to edit them appropriately with our tool. You can upload a max of twenty files by clicking on the “Upload” button or by tapping on the “From Dropbox” icon, and after that, all you need is a click on the “Merge PDF” button.

Do you find it challenging to handle several PDF files? Are you trying hard to compile essential details for your team members? If you are still reading, chances are you have to merge PDF files. You are in the right place because later you will know how to combine PDF files.

With PDF compiler, you can merge multiple PDF files into a single document. After merging files, you can supply information to your team working on a project. If you have more than a person working on a project, you have to merge pdf online to make them a file. For instance, a proposal for the development of a new house may include reports from builders, environmental agencies, architects and engineers. You can merge all PDF documents with pdf joiner to make them a file for an easy presentation. If you are wondering to know the reasons for merging PDF files, see these reasons.

Just a Tip: Not having the PDF form of your presentation? Convert PPT to PDF to change the file format.

If you want to combine multiple PDF files and organize them in a compact format, you will need a pdf joiner. With this tool, you can present your associates with well-organized information of a project. Merged files will save you time because you have to attach a few files. It will be easy to merge all the information of a project, such as a video, web pages and spreadsheets in a single file. PDF merger can make it easy for you to design your portfolio.

  • The user-friendly tool makes it easy to merge PDF files.
  • Secure tool for pdf join online without any compromise on quality.
  • Efficient to work on a computer and mobile devices.
  • Free for everyone to use + many other PDF Tools are also being offered.
  • Add pages to pdf and merge them for free.

Record libraries may have thousands of electronically saved files. Join PDF files online can help you to locate desired documents within a few minutes. Nowadays, enterprise workflows need merged files to streamline different tasks. You can merge anything for your personal or professional use, such as credit card statements, invoices, loans, mortgage documents, HR documents, cell phone bills, 401(k) statements, and other essential documents. You can save your time, efforts by merging financial, and bank documents.

Estate agents have to deal with several documents while leasing a property. There are several forms for a possible tenant to fill in and sent back to the landlord before proceeding a rental agreement. Tenants need these files electronically in PDF format. You can compile files with pdf merger free to make a significant document and save time.

SER’s tool permits users to merge several documents. You can check plagiarism and proofread the documents before sending it to your client. With merged documents, you can ensure the efficiency and accuracy of information flow.

Don’t know how to merge PDF files? If you want to merge files within a short period, you can use the Search Engine Reports Merge PDF tool to combine PDF. Our tool can combine almost 20 files at a time (maximum 5 MB each file). Below are a few easy steps to merge files.

Step 01: Get started by visiting: (if you aren’t already here). You will see this window to upload your PDF files.

Step 02: Upload files that you want to merge into one file for your convenience. Once you hit on the “Upload” button, you will see this window.

Step 03: You can select the desired files and hit “Open” to upload files. Fortunately, you can upload desired PDF files from Dropbox. After uploading files, the tool will look like this.

Step 04: It is time to hit the “Merge PDF” button to combine files. Wait for a few minutes, and the pdf binder will start its work to merge files. You will see the tool will combine pdf files online.

Step 05: Once the processing is done, you will see this window asking you to “Download Your File” or “Try Again”.

A combine PDF file is easy to navigate because our tool will arrange all pages in their default order. PDF compiler helps you to organize your project files for your team members.

A very handy tool to join, merge, combine and compile multiple PDF files. We offer many other free tools so can change the format of the files i.e PDF to word, PDF to JPG, JPG to PDF, text to PDF and much more.

Q: Do I need any subscription to use this tool?

No, the tool is absolutely free, so you can use it to combine two pdfs within a few seconds.

Q: Why I can’t upload my PDF file?

Check the size of your file because the maximum limit for each file is 5 MB. Our combiner pdf can compile your files to make them one.

Q: How to combine pdfs?

With our tool, you can compile 20 PDF files at a time. After compiling your PDF files, you can save space and time.

Q: Can I merge Word documents?

No, this tool is designed to compile PDF files only. Our free tool can help you to secure all PDF files in one place.

Just a tip: If you want to convert word to pdf, use our converter available online. And for more security, lock pdf files at the same time.

Q: Is it safe to merge files containing sensitive data?

Yes, it is absolutely safe because we don’t store your files. Once you download your compiled PDF file, we will immediately remove all uploaded files from our server.


Keep it in mind that your security is our top priority. We let you confidently merge your confidential files with our tool without worrying. We will not save your files. Our tool is designed in a way to remove your uploaded files after combining them automatically. To ensure maximum security, the tool permanently deletes uploaded files from our server. You can confidently use this tool because it will not compromise your privacy in any way. The purpose of this tool is to help professionals and students. We are not responsible for the act of any person who tries to misuse our tool.

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