Compress PDF

Many people around us claim that PDF is a life-changing format for individuals, companies, and academic institutions. If you are dealing with a bundle of PDF files and don’t have enough storage, then you need to reduce PDF file size. In addition, it is also required to make the file compatible with the given specifications of websites. It happens most of the time that you end-up adding voluminous stuff into the file, and here it becomes essential to compress PDF file size. There are a lot of people that delete the original file after compression. But sometimes you might have to bear the consequences because many software programs can ruin your data in the compression process.

If you are looking for an efficient online PDF file reducer, then you can utilize this tool to shrink PDF file size. The file size can be reduced to more than 15%, depending on the size of the file. The software programs available offline are intricate and are problematic and challenging for amateur users. But we have developed an exceptional PDF compressor online free for our users, to make their compression process trouble-free. Most offline tools are paid, and you will not be able to use advanced features for free.

You can have access to Compress PDF Online from any part of the world. All you need is a fast internet connection and a digital device to access the tool. Most of the time, you might have experienced that while uploading documents on servers, the file size exceeds the given size. And you are not able to upload the PDF file. But compress PDF online utility helps you out in reducing the file size. So, you can either send it for printing purposes or upload on websites.

Now, you can reduce PDF size online with this amazing tool. It works expeditiously and swiftly for the compression. It lessens your workload, and it is free and easy to use as well. The usage of this tool comes with no additional hassle.

Below you will find the method to use this simple tool to compress PDF files.

· Get started by visiting the webpage of the Compress PDF.

· You can either upload the file from your device or navigate “From Dropbox”.

· After submitting the file, click on the “Compress PDF” button.

· Voila! Your Compressed PDF file is ready to “Download”.

We are offering multiple features for our users; these features enable you to compress the PDF file size expeditiously. Below you will come across some of those features that you will have access to with our online reduce PDF file size tool.

• Data protection

We are offering the best tool in the market. By using this tool, you will experience that your data is protected as the tool ensures that while the compression process, the formatting stays intact. We are using highly advanced features to reduce the size of the file. The compression works perfectly except for some documents that might contain JPG or GIF images. It works efficiently if the images are in BMP and PNG format.

• Data Theft

Most of the online utilities that are compressing PDF files are not reliable enough. They usually misuse the data and share it across multiple databases. But we ensure to protect the data of our user by deleting it immediately from our server as the file is compressed. We do not save the file to ensure data protection. So, make sure to have a backup of your file, in case it is lost we will not be able to retrieve the original file.

In modern times, due to the massive transformation of society into the virtual world. PDFs have become an inevitable necessity in colleges, universities, and offices. Since its inception, the document sharing format is widely popular. Due to the fantastic features and compatibility, it’s now used all across the world. By using a tool to reduce PDF File Size online, you will swiftly compress your file size, and along with that, there is no risk in losing your data. As we have developed a highly end-to-end encrypted online software for the ease of our users. Now you no longer have to pay for costly premium software packages to compress PDF file size. As we are offering all the features free of any charge to the users.

As discussed previously, that PDF is the most famous document sharing format due to its incredible features. PDF allows to protect or secure the data by applying passwords/passcodes so that unauthorized source cannot access the information. The protection feature makes it stand out from the rest of the formats. People are continually switching to this format for many reasons, and one of those is the protection of data/information.

You can add multimedia content into the file, but it will ultimately increase the size. But you need not worry as Shrink PDF online will make it possible for you to decrease the file size. Without disturbing the formatting and the content of the file will also remain intact. If you want to print the PDF file but looking for a way to send the minified file for the printing, then you should opt for his tool to compress the file size.

If your PDF file contains confidential information, then you need to focus on this part before submitting your file for compression. If a file is protected with a passcode, it is more likely to contain information that is confidential and the actual owner can restrict the modification of it. Encryption is something that makes it possible to protect the data so that no one can modify until or unless he/she knows the passcode. No matter how much you endeavor, you will not be granted access to the data or information.