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People today are saving their private data in the form of text in files. They think these files are unbreachable. However, the truth of the matter is that these files can be accessed, and the passwords can be cracked if the person who is trying is a professional.

People running big businesses always worry about the safekeeping of their personal information, transaction channels, and moreover, the documents associated with the company. The Portable style document, which is also known as PDF, was developed to share data between networks, which at that time was a big problem for computer users.

The primary reason for developing this format was to maintain the structure of the information it contains. As, most of the formats we use to store data in, change the formation when shared with other people on the network. This is one of the primary causes of why people need to switch to Portable Document Format in the first place. Our text to PDF converter allows you to turn any file that contains text, to a PDF form. It is not only because it maintains the formation but also because it will enable you to use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), so people without the correct combination will never be able to open the file.

At present, people are utilizing the Word file to save their details, no doubt it allows you to embed links, and add images. But, once a Word file gets corrupt, you will never be able to retrieve all your saved facts and figures. Now, we know you don’t want to go through such a dilemmatic situation. That is why we brought you the perfect text to PDF tool to assist you in saving your textual statistics in a secure format.

The portable style document has grown enough to be the most potent and advantageous format. People currently have adopted this format due to its updated functionalities. It has become the most popular amongst students because it allows them to create assignments, which will remain in their composition. The PDF format is easy to open in all smart devices and laptops because it doesn’t require any additional software for viewing or editing the content. It can all be achieved in our new operating systems. Almost thirty percent of people who like reading novels, prefer reviewing it on a tablet in a PDF format. Other benefits of PDF format includes:

- Versatile Nature

PDF document enables you to add photos, videos, and web links as well. That is the main reason why it is being utilized in presentations to discuss projects because they can add 3D models, animations, and other graphics in this format. You can give your documents an ornamental look by adding illustrations. Additionally, you can create portfolios and reports as well.

- Compressible

As this format is highly compressible, you don’t need any particular skill to shrink a PDF document. The format is lossless in nature, which means no matter how much information you add in this doctype, it will remain in the same shape after decompression. Furthermore, these files occupy less space, which adds more to the reason why one must keep their details and snaps in this document.

- A Forever Format

PDF is an open standard format, and Adobe is not going to end this format because of its requirement and use in the industry. People in business are using it to send digital proposals that contain vital content which can only be accessed by the authorized person's thumb impression. The digital signature addition allows businesspeople to sign contracts electronically without requiring you to keep a hard copy of the file.

However, in terms of text, when saved in a Word file or regular text editors, you don’t get these many facilities. Also, the Word file has one big problem of compatibility; data generated with newer versions cannot be opened in the older variant of applications. People will need to install new software that supports the file in order to open it. Most of the functionalities require an active internet connection, which sometimes is not available at all locations. Some of the major disadvantages include:

- Susceptible to Virus Attacks

Almost all the text processing formats are prone to viruses, no matter how good is the product doing in the market. Make sure to install good anti-virus, especially if you have a network on which you can share files with people. So you could stay away from malware and up for your firewall so that people don’t try to get into your files.

- Substantial File Size

If we talk about MS Word then an empty file holds a size of 12Kb, the more you add, the higher the size will be. If you add images and other media, the file will get more abundant. That massive size will take a lot of time to share on a network, which is a piece of bad news for people with limited internet bandwidth.

The string to PDF converter tool allows you to turn any text processor file to PDF. It is a free tool, so you won’t need to add your credentials or provide us with any information related to you before using the program. Today, photographers are creating albums in this format and are using it to free up some space in the hard drives as well. To convert your textual files to PDF follow the steps given below:

1. On the page of Text to PDF converter tool you will see a large rectangular box with text that says “Upload Text File to Convert into PDF,” you can drag and drop the text file into this area, or you can press the upload button located below the box.

Convert Text to PDF

2. When you are done with the uploading part, all you have to do is click on the “Convert to PDF” button and wait for it to transform the file for you.

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