TXT To PDF (Text to PDF)

TXT to PDF Converter offers you the fastest and accurate conversion of your text into high-quality PDF within a few seconds.


We have designed a TXT to PDF online tool for our users if they have text files and want to convert them into PDF files. So no need to worry about this situation, our tool is here for your rescue!

You may have used many online tools that may help you in converting TXT files to PDF. But, most of them usually require a premium subscription or may have asked you to install some application on your device. However, the tool provided by Searchenginereports.net has no obligations like that. Anyone can use this online from any part of the globe.

The method of using this online text to PDF converter is simple and clear. The following steps will enable you to use this utility to convert your files quickly.

  1. Step1: Upload your text file.
    (Note: You can also upload a file from your Dropbox or Google Drive.)
  2. Step2: Click on the “Convert to PDF” button to initiate the process.
  3. Step3: Now! You will get your converted file within a few seconds.

The primary purpose of using the TXT file is the obvious editing text, but some people take it to another level. Many people steal your TXT files and make changes in it without your permission and present that work as their own. That’s why the best solution to overcome this issue is to convert text to PDF by using our converter.

You might have seen many online converters but couldn’t get the required results from any of them. However, we provide you with many additional features that make it possible to get the best conversion all the time. Some of the main benefits are discussed here.

Convert files anytime on any device:

Our tool doesn't impose a restriction of having a specific device or platform. Our web-based utility enables you to convert text files to PDF from any device (Mobile, Laptop, or Desktop) or any platform (Windows, Android, Mac ), anytime you want.

Error-free conversion:

If you are tired of using various tools and want to settle for a single one to convert TXT to PDF, then this is the best option you could’ve. This utility gives you 100% error-free results, without disturbing the formatting of your content.

No Sign-up required:

This text to PDF converter doesn’t ask you to go through the tiresome sign-up procedure or download anything on your device. There is also no trial period for using this service.

No watermark:

This convert notepad to pdf tool gives you the watermark-free conversion of your text files into PDF, which provides you with the opportunity to use the converted files with complete authority and confidence. You don’t need to get worried that there might be a watermark on the converted file, just like you have seen after using other utilities.

Fast and free conversions:

If your converter takes a considerable time to convert a text file into PDF, then you need to try our fastest tool right away. Our TXT to PDF utility enables you to convert large-sized text files into PDF within a few seconds.

Keep your Data safe - Our Privacy Policy

One of the biggest concerns that people usually have while using online tools is the privacy of their confidential files. We all know that some online tools may use your personal or sensitive data and sell it to third-parties. But, you don’t need to get worried about the secrecy of your files while using our converter. Our notepad to pdf converter gives you the safest and reliable conversion of your text files.

The files that you upload on our utility for conversion will be deleted from our servers as soon as the conversion is over. We don’t save, use, or share your information with anyone, in any case. The privacy of your confidential files is guaranteed. So, you don’t need to get nervous anymore about the safety of your text files, as the privacy of our valued customers is our top priority, and we fulfill this responsibility with adequate attention.


There is no restriction for you to use any specific browser to use our online TXT to PDF converter online. You can use any web browser to convert your text file into PDF with our online tool. If you wish to make modifications to your Pdf file use our Pdf to word tool to perform the conversion.

Yes! Our online tool enables you to convert text files into PDF without installing any other software.

Our online txt file to pdf converter supports .TXT file format. You can convert your large-sized text files into PDF by using this online tool within no time.