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Online JPG to Word Converter allows you to convert any sort of your jpg images to word document or text format. Upload the file and click the "Convert to Word" button and download the doc file format.

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This JPG to word tool provides you with the easiest way to turn as many JPG files into Word documents without going through any hassle. You don’t have to follow any hard and fast rules to use this JPG to Word converter. The following simple steps will enable you to convert your files straightforwardly.

  • Upload your file from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or by drag and drop to convert JPG to Word online.
  • Once you are done uploading your files, click on the “Convert to Word” button to start the processing.
  • You will get your downloadable Word file within a flash of an eye.


Images are the best way to express emotions better than words. That’s why photographs are commonly used, but some people find the resizing image and exporting it to other formats a challenging task. You may also have the idea that it is almost impossible to add text to your images without having any premium tools. Sometimes, it becomes inevitable to add comments about an image, and the extraction of text from an image is challenging because the JPG format lacks this capability. The best way to overcome this issue is by converting an image to Doc format. It will easily retrieve text from the JPG. Our image to Word converter online will help you in turning your JPG files into an editable word format without any hesitation.


JPG and Doc are the most useful and popular formats that are being used all over the world. JPG is one of the most famous formats to handle and share images over the web. People prefer this format for downloading pictures from the internet. On the other hand, Doc format is the most suitable format for managing your documents and also for sharing purposes. This format is widely preferred due to its amazing features that allow you to make changes in a document without going through any hassle. The following main characteristics may also assist you in understanding the main differences between them.

Full name Joint Photographic Experts Group Microsoft Word Document
File extension .jpg, .jpeg .doc, .docx
MIME image/jpeg Application/MsWord
Developed by The JPEG Committee Microsoft
Introduction JPG format is widely used for uploading or downloading images over the web due to its small size. Also, there is no need to install any special software on your device to run a JPG file. Doc is the extension of word documents. It is used for documentation, especially for programs or computer hardware. It is widely used in the educational, banking sectors.
Technical details It is a graphical file format for managing pictures. It gives a symmetrical compression which reduces the size of a picture. This document format has a wide variety of embedded objects including charts and tables from other applications. Also, you can insert images and other clip-arts in this format.
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Our online convert JPG to Word utility provides you with the fastest and reliable image to doc conversions. The other main features of this converter are discussed below.

Free & Online JPEG to Word Converter

The biggest advantage of using this JPEG to Word tool is that it is completely free to use. You don’t have to buy any premium account to turn in your files. Moreover, there is no trial period for using this converter, as you may have seen in many other online JPEG to Doc converters.

This is a completely web-based tool that enables you to convert your JPEG to Doc from any part of the world. There is no restriction for you to sit in a specific place to use this utility, as this is accessible with smartphones as well.

Provides file security

The security of the files is the biggest concern for most people while using an online converter. However, you don’t need to get nervous anymore, as we are providing you the safest image to Word conversion. All the files that you will upload on our tool will be removed from our servers as soon as the conversion is over.

JPG to DOC Conversion Without watermark

You may have experienced a situation where you convert JPG to DOC format but had a watermark in the converted file. Sharing a file with a watermark with others may give a negative impression. So, the easy way to solve this issue is the use of our JPG to Word converter online. There will be no visual symbol or watermark on the files that you will get after converting them through our tool.

IMAGE TO WORD Fast conversion

Our online JPG to Word gives you the fastest conversion of images to Word without any hurdles. You don’t need to sit for hours and wait for the results as you may have had to do while using another online image to Word converter. Our tool gives you a high-quality Word file within a blink of an eye.

Compatible with all Devices

Our JPG to Word tool supports all devices, including Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux. No matter what device you are using, you can easily access our utility without going through any intricate process.


How long does it take to convert JPG to Word document?

You can convert JPG to an editable Word document and get your results within a few seconds by using our online JPEG to Word converter.

Is it safe to convert JPG into Word online?

Yes! You can use our online JPG to DOC converter for the safest conversion of images into high-quality Word files.

Can I convert Image to Doc without software installation?

Our utility allows you to convert JPG to DOC without installing any application on your device.