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You might have an idea that the computer system can only understand the numeric values. The number system that is widely used to store information and represent numeric information is known as the hexadecimal system. This data representation system is a number system of Base 16. The hexadecimal system consists of 16 values (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and Six Alphabets A, B, C, D, E, F).

Computer systems use this number system for processing various instructions. But, it is challenging for humans to understand this language due to its ambiguous and complicated structure. That’s why they might need some other format that they can easily understand. Same with the conversion of these formats have a look below:

Manual Way

The process of converting information from a plain text into hexadecimal code is challenging and tedious as you must have a firm grip on the syntax of both formats to turn data from one format to the other. For instance, if you want to convert your data from English to hex, then you need to have an adequate understanding of the logic of hex format. You may also need a hex number identification table to find the value of each alphabet in hexadecimal. However, this process of converting your data from English character to hex will be hectic and lengthy; the chances of errors may also remain much higher.

Online Way

Alternatively, the use of our online text to hex converter can save you from the hassle of converting each character of your code into hexadecimal by yourself. Searchenginereports.net is offering free binary converters and many other online tools. This fantastic tool enables you to turn your text into hex code only in a few seconds and without any hard effort. Once you upload your text on our machine, it will start processing it and provide you with your conversion within a blink of an eye.

There is no hard and fast rule to use our tool. You can convert text to hex online by following these simple steps:

  • Once you reach this tool, write or paste your text in the given box.
  • Click on the “Convert to Hex” button to convert your text to hexadecimal.
  • Boom! You will get your converted code within no time.

You can also input another code by clicking on the “Start a New Search” button quickly.

You might have come across many online tools that offer you to convert your code from one language into another. Most of them are usually paid or require the installation of software on your device. But, our text to hex converter allows you to convert text to hexadecimal without any hurdle.

As discussed above, our converter allows you to convert text into hex without any rocket science and any hard effort. Hexadecimal format is one of the most suitable options for you when you want to share or store 8-bit data. This encoding takes place by splitting the 8-bit code into two hex characters. These converted data are stored as a string that is easier to share or read. So, it is recommended to turn your code into hexadecimal to solve all readability problems by using our fantastic tool.

Additionally, this fantastic online tool provides you with the accurate conversion of your text. You don’t need to get worried about the quality and correctness of your code after using our efficient tool. This English to hexadecimal converter splits your text into singular components first, converts it into hexadecimal value individually, and then combines it again. The reason to adopt this approach is to eliminate the chances of errors during conversion and provide you with 100% accurate results quickly.

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Free / No-Subscription:

You can find many online tools that can help you to convert text to hex, but most of them are paid. However, our fantastic tool allows you to turn your English letters in hexadecimal without charging a single penny. There are no subscription charges or a trial period for using our free online converter.

Anywhere / Anytime:

Furthermore, our tool is entirely web-based, which enables you to convert your data to hexadecimal from your office, school, or anywhere else without any hurdle. You also don’t need to download any special software to convert your text to hex.

All Operating Systems:

Our text to hexadecimal converter supports all the operating systems such as Windows, IOS, or Android, etc.


Our this tool gives you a swapping facility as well. It means to say by clicking on the “SWAP” button you can convert hex to text quickly.

All Browsers:

Also, you can use our tool by using any web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Bing. So, a good internet connection is the only thing you need to convert your text to hexadecimal.

So, it is essential for you to use our online English to hexadecimal converter for translating your text to hex online very quickly, and without any hesitation.