This online text to ASCII converter helps you convert text to ASCII code in seconds. Simply paste the input text and click "Convert to ASCII" to get an accurate conversion.

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You can convert your text to ASCII code by following the below steps:

  1. Type or paste the text you want to convert to ASCII. Or upload the text file from your device.
  2. After typing your text, click on the “Convert to ASCII” button for conversion.
  3. The ASCII code for your entered text will be displayed in the right side box Instantly.
  4. You can use the “Copy to Clipboard” button for copying the ASCII code or simply click on the “Download” button to save the file on your device.

The main features of our ASCII converter are as follows:

Free of Cost:

You might have used many online tools, most of them might be paid or may require you to make an account on their website. However, our free ASCII code converter allows you to make multiple conversions without any registration.

Limitless Conversions:

There is no limitation on the usage of our free text to ASCII converter. This online utility allows you to perform as many conversions as you desire without facing restrictions.

Accurate Results:

The advanced algorithms used on the backend of our letters to ASCII converter will convert the textual information and provides accurate ASCII codes. You will not have to wait even for a minute for the results. The results are quickly generated and displayed by this online utility.

Swap Results:

Our word to ASCII code converter allows you to easily swap your conversion, mean to say that by clicking on the “Swap” button you can convert your values from ASCII to text instantly.


You don’t have to install any software, or plugin for using this letters to ASCII converter. This tool can be accessed from any device with the help of a web browser and a connection to the internet.

Data Security:

Many users are reluctant to use online tools due to the fear of losing their personal data, as many online platforms have a requirement for registration. But, there is no such condition imposed on users for using our ASCII code converter.

ASCII stands for (American standard code for information interchange), a character encoding standard used for electronic communication. The text transmitted to the electronic devices, telecommunications equipment, and computers is encoded in ASCII codes. Each character is assigned an individual ASCII code, and humans cannot communicate the information to digital devices directly in the language they communicate.

However, it is possible to manually convert string to ASCII code with the help of an ASCII table. An ASCII table contains 128 characters, including alphabets, control characters, special characters, and punctuation marks. Among 128 values, the values from 0 to 31 and 127 are non-printable characters, while all the remaining characters are printable.

This manual conversion process takes a lot of time and effort. It also becomes difficult for anyone to remember the ASCII values for each character. And, without having proper knowledge about ASCII codes, you will not be able to execute the encoding and decoding of textual information on devices.

For example, if you have to convert “hello” to ASCII code, then by looking at the ASCII table, first, you will have to find ASCII code for each letter from “h” to “o.” A single word conversion will end up consuming an ample amount of time. But, by using a text to ASCII converter, you can do the same task in a few seconds. With the ASCII code converter, you can conduct unlimited conversions and get accurate results instantly, no matter how long the text is.