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Text to binary converter is an online tool to convert your text from English to Binary. Just paste or type your text and Click on the “Convert to Binary” button and get accurate results.

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The computers can only interpret instructions in one language, which is the binary number system. English is the standard language that humans use to communicate with each other. But unfortunately, the same language cannot be used while passing instructions to computers. Therefore, the easiest way out of this problem is a text to binary translator. You should use this tool due to the following reasons:


The manual English word to binary conversion might consume an ample amount of time that will keep on increasing as your text file’s length increases. This process has been automated by text to binary translator, and it speeds up this entire conversion. Your text will be converted to a binary string in a matter of seconds.


During manual conversion, the chances of inaccuracies are high. It’s common that whenever we are writing something, misspelling and punctuation errors occur often. Similar could be the case during manual text into binary conversion. However, with this English letters to binary converter, you don’t have to worry about any mistakes as it provides 100% accurate results.


Why do you need to convert the text in the binary string? It’s because you have to transmit instructions to computers and other digital devices. This whole procedure becomes a huge nuisance for a programmer, but the text to binary converter can easily make this communication a piece of cake by translating words in binary.

English to binary code converter involves several steps that need to be followed with full concentration to achieve accurate results. The steps might seem simple to understand, but they become tough to implement as the length of your text increases. You can read out the steps to convert text to binary below and see how complex it becomes to transform a single English letter.

  1. First of all, you have to convert the text into ASCII value. Each character is assigned with an individual ASCII value that you can get to know with the assistance of text to ASCII conversion table. For instance, the small letter “h” has an ASCII value of 104.
  2. The next step is to convert the decimal value into binary. If we convert the letter “h” into binary, it means the decimal value “104” is to be converted with decimal to binary conversion formula. In this case, the binary string for 104 is 1101000.
  3. Similarly, you have to keep on transforming each letter of your text to find out exact binary strings.
  4. This whole process can consume a lot of time, and the chances of inaccuracies are still high. But, our English word to binary converter can make this task a matter of seconds. There would be no hassles or difficult steps involved when you use this smart tool to convert text to binary code.

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You might be wondering how this smart tool provides you exact binary strings for any text. Well, it’s programmed in a way that all the processes mentioned above are executed and completed on the backend. The special algorithms of this English to binary code converter carries out the character-wise translation. Each character or letter of your text will be processed and converted to binary code individually. Unlike manual conversion, where you have to work on the conversion of each alphabet separately, this English to binary translator converts all the textual elements of your file in a single go.

Searchenginereports.net provides the best tools. This tool uses an algorithm for text to translate into binary is one of them. You will not face or go through any kind of hassles to convert text to binary. All you will have to do is follow the three simple steps mentioned below.

  • Open this tool and type or paste the text in the left box.
  • The next step is to hit the “convert to binary” button.
  • In a matter of seconds, your text will be converted to binary by this translator, no matter what’s the length of the text. You can click on the “Copy to Clipboard” button or “Download “the file.

The binary codes are being used extensively in this technological world. The binary codes involve two digits “0” and “1” in which 0 represents off, and 1 represents on instructions.

Computer technology:

The binary codes are used most widely by computers for interpreting programming and coding procedures. The information transmitted with encoding processes is stored in bits of 0’s and 1’s, which is the binary number system.

Encoding images:

An image displayed on your screen usually consists of hundreds of pixels. Binary codes are used to encode each pixel of the images.

Logic gates:

binary number system is also used in mathematics where true and false values are represented with 0’s and 1’s.

Many online platforms provide this service, but the English to binary converter on our website is the best one you can find due to several benefits it brings. Let’s have a look at some of them:


This conversion is executed, and results are displayed on your screen in a matter of seconds. You will not have to wait long for converting long texts in binary.

User-friendly interface:

This web-based tool is a one-click go service that doesn’t annoy any of its users. No special skills need to be acquired for using this amazing utility.

Swap Button:

This tool also has a swap button for swapping the conversion. By clicking the button you can convert your code from binary to text quickly.


No matter how long is your text, this converter will never disappoint you with inaccurate results. As soon as you hit the convert button after entering text, the alphabets go through the automated algorithms of this tool that generates precise binary codes.

No installation required:

You don’t have to install any extension, plug-in, or software for using this text to binary code converter. All you need is an internet connection to gain free access to this utility.