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The binary number system is used by digital devices to incorporate the data. Whereas ASCII is a different communication format, and it is used to send postscript files across multiple devices. The ASCII code is utilized to send textual data. ASCII was introduced back in the 1960s, when the computers were invented for the interchange of information.

The codes that are used in this number system are based upon 128 7-bit characters; in the pattern of this system, the 7-bit is used to represent ASCII characters. It is quite easy to create an ASCII file with the help of a text editor. Every ASCII character is assigned a unique binary number. It let the number system synchronize with the existing binary number list for the execution of the process. It is because computers can only understand binary encrypted codes.

ASCII number system includes 128 characters in the standard formation; the characters are further segregated with 32-control characters, a space character, a delete character, and 94 graphic characters. In the initial stage of the commands of the computer were limited to “start,” “wait” and “stop” but now the advanced formation of ASCII code standards are utilized beyond the basic and plenty of tasks are performed.

It is now possible because always used to provide the best and quality tools for conversion. It also offers a binary to ASCII converter online to perform the conversion process without involving in any complex methodology.

The conversion of binary strings to ASCII characters is a tiring and time-consuming procedure if done manually. A single binary string might take several minutes or hours (depending on your speed) to be converted into ASCII characters. The steps you will have to follow for executing this conversion are as follows:

  1. The first step is to find and write down the hex digit for every four digits of binary. For this, you’ll have to use the binary to hex chart. For instance, to convert 01000100 in hex, first split the string into four digits. This will give you 0100 and 0100, and while you look at the chart, the hex digits for this binary string would be 44.
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  3. The next step is to split the hex number into pairs of two. The above example is already in a pair, but if you have a long hex number, then you have to split it into pairs. Note: if the hex code is in odd numbers, then you’ll have to add 0 before the first digit of the code.
  4. Now, you have to convert each pair in decimal values. This conversion can be done with a formula. The left value of each pair has to be multiplied by 16, and then the right value has to be added in it. Hex code 44 can be transformed in decimal by: 4*16 + 4 = 68. 68 is the decimal value for hex number 44.
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  6. The final step is to look at the ASCII table. The decimal value 68 is denoted as character “D” which is the final answer.

You can see how long this task was to convert only a single binary string. But, you don’t have to put yourself in trouble as the binary to ASCII converter is here to make this task a piece of cake.

Convert your binary code to ASCII by our online tool.

  • Enter your Binary Code into the given box
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  • Voila! You will get the ASCII code in a matter of instance.

It is almost impossible, even for the programmers to understand the binary code in the formation of 0 and 1. Most people become utterly blind to understand what the code means. The major problem arises when they are looking to convert it into plain text. But to execute this process, firstly the Binary needs to convert into ASCII. After that, it is possible to convert it into a human-readable text.

In the current tech arena, all the standard communication with the device is taking place via ASCII. The data in digital devices is stored in the format of bits, and to represent a single character of ASCII, 7-bits are required. If you are into web development, then this number system gains more importance. Do you know that HTML is written in ASCII codes and every character contains a piece of specific information to display on the screen of users?

Binary codes are also used for the exchange of .exe files, various types of images, recorded in compressed versions. The web browsers read the data in the form of the binary number system and transform it into a displayable webpage by analyzing the HTML and ASCII file. In this regard, you might know about encoding and decoding. The whole process revolves around this process as firstly the data is encoded, and then it displays the information. If you want to decode the information in the binary number system.

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