Binary to ASCII converter helps you convert binary code to ASCII text in a few seconds. Just paste your binary code and click the "Convert to ASCII" button to get an accurate conversion.

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By following the below steps, you can easily convert your binary code to ASCII characters.

  1. Enter your binary code in the left side box.
  2. Press the “Convert to ASCII” button for conversion.
  3. You will get the ASCII code in a matter of seconds.
  4. You can copy the results to your clipboard or download them as a .txt file by clicking on the “Download” button.

Many online utilities are available that offer ASCII conversions, but our binary to ASCII converter is the best option for users due to the following features.

Free to Use:

You don’t have to register yourself or pay any charges for using this binary to ASCII text converter. It is a 100% free online utility and you can use it as many times as you desire without any hassle.

Fast Conversion:

Our free binary to ASCII converter provides users with fast conversion. You only need to enter the binary code and press the convert button for conversion.


This online utility allows you to convert binary to ASCII code without worrying about the accuracy of the results. The utility will provide 100% accurate ASCII characters for the binary codes you enter.


Our binary to ASCII online converter also offers a conversion swapping option with which you can transform ASCII to binary instantly.

Data Security:

We provide a secure platform where you can perform as many conversions as you want without worrying about losing your data. Your entered binary strings will be removed from the database of our utility as soon as the results are generated. We’ll never save or share our user’s uploaded data for any possible reason.

The manual conversion of binary strings to ASCII characters is a tiring and time-consuming process. A single binary string might take several minutes or hours to be converted into ASCII characters. Here, you can find the complete process of how to convert binary numbers into ASCII characters manually.

You can follow the steps below to manually perform the binary to ASCII conversion:

  • The first step is to find and write down the hex digit for every four digits of the binary code. For this, you’ll have to use the binary to hex chart. For instance, to convert 01000100 into hexadecimal, first you need to split the binary string into four digits i.e, 0100 and 0100. Then look for the hexadecimal digits for this binary string which would be 44.
  • The next step is to split the hex number into pairs of two. The above example is already in a pair, but if you have a long hex number, then you have to split it into pairs.
  • Note: if the hex code is in odd numbers, then you’ll have to add 0 before the first digit of the code.
  • Now, you have to convert each pair into decimal values. This conversion can be done with a formula. The left value of each pair has to be multiplied by 16, and then the right value has to be added to it. Hex code 44 can be transformed in decimal by: 4*16 + 4 = 68. 68 is the decimal value for hex number 44.
  • The final step is to look at the ASCII table and find the ASCII character for the decimal value 68. The ASCII value is “D” which is the final answer.

You can see how long it takes to convert a single binary string. However, with an online binary to ASCII converter, you can perform the same conversion in a few seconds.

Binary Code

Binary is a base-2 number system used by digital devices to process the data. Binary codes are used for the exchange of .exe files, and various types of images, recorded in compressed versions. The web browsers read the data in the form of binary numbers and transform it into a displayable webpage by analyzing the HTML and ASCII file. The whole process revolves around this process as firstly the data is encoded, and then it displays the information.

It is difficult even for the programmers to understand the binary code in the form of 0 and 1. Most people become utterly blind to understand what the code means. The major problem arises when they are looking to convert binary codes into plain text. But to execute this process, firstly they need to convert the binary numbers into ASCII. After that, it is possible to convert it into a human-readable text.


ASCII is a different communication format and is used to send textual data across multiple devices. ASCII was introduced back in the 1960s when computers were invented for the interchange of information.

ASCII is a 7-bit code that is used to represent 128 characters. Among these characters, there are 32-control characters, 10 digits (0-9), 26 English alphabets (both lower case letters and uppercase letters), a space character, a delete character, punctuation marks and different symbols. Every ASCII character is assigned to a unique binary number.

Currently, all standard communication between devices takes place via ASCII. The data in digital devices is stored in the format of bits, and to represent a single character of ASCII, there are 7-bits required.

Do you know that HTML is written in ASCII codes and every character contains a piece of specific information to display on the screen of users?

Initially, computer commands consisted of only "start," "wait," and "stop," but now advanced ASCII code standards are being utilized beyond the basic requirements, and plenty of tasks are being accomplished.