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We all are well-versed that digital devices are programmed to understand codes and numbers. American Standard Code for Information Interchange or commonly known as ASCII is used by the computers to store textual information in the form of numbers. Every alphabet of English is assigned a specific code of ASCII. The number system is used for the interactions that take place for encoding and decoding purposes.

It was initially introduced back in the 1960s, by utilizing telegraph code. ASCII can encode 128 specified characters by placing it into seven-bit integers. Among these 128 characters, there are ninety-five encoded characters, which can be printed. It includes the digits from 0 to 9 and English characters in uppercase and lowercase from A to Z. Along with that, there are also some punctuations and symbols. Most of the non-printable characters have become obsolete, but still, a few of them are used like the line feed, carriage return, and tab codes.

Sometimes it becomes a requirement of people to convert ASCII into other formats, and that is possible through online utilities. You can also use our free ASCII to Text Converter for the decoding purpose.

The method of converting an ASCII code to text is a tedious and challenging task. You are required to have an ASCII conversion table to find the code of a character, as a specific code is assigned to each alphabet in ASCII. For instance, the code for the alphabet “A” is 065 in ASCII. Similarly, each character has a unique ASCII code.

ASCII code consists of 128 characters that include alphabets, special characters, and various symbols. A value from 0 to 127 is assigned to every character in ASCII, and each of them is represented with 7 bits.

Conversion from ASCII numbers to text can take much of your mental and physical effort, as you have to seek help from the ASCII conversion table repeatedly. But, not anymore. You can convert your instruction from ASCII code to text with our free and fantastic tool. This tool allows you to input your ASCII code and provides you with accurate results only in a few seconds.

Our online tool is easy to use. Below you can find some simple steps for the conversion to take place:

  • Come up with your ASCII code and paste or enter into the designated field
  • Click on “Convert to Text” button
  • You'll find the equivalent of ASCII code in the text format

You must bear in mind that all the characters and text in the digital device is stored in ASCII codes. Concerning this, you must grasp enough knowledge about the conversion to understand how ASCII to string converters work.

There are many ways to convert ASCII to Text. The Internet is flooded with such tools, but ASCII text converter by is the most precise one. We're offering the tool for the conversion process to our users, without asking to pay a single penny. Most of the online tools are paid or even if you find a free one, it cannot produce accurate results. In this regard, we recommend trying our ASCII to text converter online. It will let you convert the ASCII code into text within seconds without wasting your time.

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There is no doubt about the usability and benefits of this online converter. Some key features are mentioned below:

Quick and Accurate:

Our tool offers you the best conversion of your ASCII code to text with complete accuracy. The chances of mistakes are much higher in converting ASCII code to text manually, but our free ASCII decoder provides you with the quick and error-free conversion of your ASCII to char (English).

Anywhere & Anytime:

This ASCII translator is entirely web-based that enables you to convert your ASCII numbers to text from any part of the globe. You are not restricted to use this free tool from your office or classroom. You can use it anywhere, anytime.

Swap Conversion:

By clicking on the swap button you can swap your conversions. This means you can convert your values from Text to ASCII quickly.

Any Device:

Furthermore, you can use our tool from any device such as a computer, smartphone, or Mac. This tool supports all the platforms and operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, etc. The process to convert ASCII to char (character) is also straightforward. Once you upload your code on our tool, our efficient tool will start processing it and provide you with the results in no time.


If you think that this tool will require the installation of any software on your device, then you are completely wrong. Our ASCII to English converter allows you to convert your ASCII code to text without any hard and fast rule and acquire accurate results without paying a single penny.

Therefore, you don’t have to follow manual methods for converting your ASCII code into text, as you can transform your code into text with our fantastic tool without any hassle.