This online ASCII to text converter provides the easiest conversion from ASCII code to text. Just input the ASCII value and click "Convert to ASCII" to get instant & accurate conversion.

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You can use our ASCII converter by following the below simple steps:

  1. Paste your ASCII code into the given field or upload a file with ASCII values.
  2. Click on the “Convert to Text” button for ASCII conversion.
  3. The ASCII code will be converted into the text format immediately.
  4. Copy the results to your clipboard or click "Download" to save them.

Our online ASCII code converter will help you convert ASCII to text format within seconds. The following are some of the main features that make our tool the best choice for users among other online tools:


You don’t have to follow manual methods for converting your ASCII code into text. The easy to use interface of our free ASCII converter enable you to transform your code into text format without any hassle.

Completely Free:

Most of the online tools required users to sign up for using their service. But, you can use our ASCII decoder as many times as you desire without any registration.

Quick and Accurate:

Manually converting ASCII code to text can lead to many errors. But our ASCII to text converter helps you to perform quick conversions with complete accuracy.

Swap Conversion:

Besides converting ASCII to text, our ASCII code translator also provides a swap option to swap the conversion. By clicking on the swap button, you can convert your values from text to ASCII quickly.

All Devices Supported:

Our ASCII translator is a web-based utility that supports all the platforms and operating systems, including Desktops, Mac, Android, IOS, etc. You only need a good internet connection to access and use this ASCII encoder.

The method of converting an ASCII code to text is a challenging task. You are required to have an ASCII conversion table to find the code of a character, as a specific code is assigned to each alphabet in ASCII. For instance, the code for the alphabet “A” is 065 in ASCII. Similarly, each character has a unique ASCII code and you have to find the code for each character. This whole process takes a lot of time and the chances of errors are quite high.

However, by using an online ASCII to text converter, you can convert your ASCII code into plain text format without manual methods. All you need is to enter the ASCII code into the utility and it will provide you with accurate results immediately.

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a character encoding format used by computers to store textual information in the form of numbers. ASCII was initially introduced back in the 1960s, by utilizing telegraph code.

ASCII code consists of 128 characters that include alphabets, special characters, and various symbols. Among these 128 characters, there are 95 encoded characters, which can be printed and 33 are non-printable characters.

A value from 0 to 127 is assigned to every character in ASCII, and each of them is represented with 8 bits. It includes the digits from 0 to 9, English characters in both uppercase and lowercase from A to Z along with punctuation marks and symbols. Most of the non-printable characters are still used today, such as website spaces, line breaks, page breaks, carriage return, tabs, and null characters.