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The binary number system is a number system that represents numeric values using two integers, 0,1. This number system is also known as the base 2 system. The binary system is widely used in computer engineering, the manufacturing of electronic devices, and various electrical signal identification tools. This data representation format is also used in electrical voltage devices to represent electronic circuit voltage state (on/off), which considers 0 voltage input as Off and 1 as On input.

The hexadecimal system is a number system that consists of 16 symbols (Base 16). The hexadecimal system is the representation of data by using 16 tokens (0 to 9 and six alphabets, A, B, C, D, E, F). These six alphabets are used to denote the values from 10 to 15. For example, you can use the alphabet “D” to indicate the amount “13”.

The hex number system is used in programming and software designing, especially Html coders prefer this format to represent different colors in their code. For instance, the “Brown” color in Html language will be indicated with “#A52A2A”. That’s why programmers need fast and secure binary to hexadecimal conversion which can be done online. has a lot of best and free binary tools. It also includes an online binary to hexadecimal converter to save you from the hassle of the manual process.

If you are a programmer, then you might have an idea about the complexities that you may face while converting a computational language into another manually. A proper understanding of the syntax and logic of the language is essential for conversion. Moreover, you might need some guidelines or helping material to perform this task. For instance, if you want to convert code from base to hex, then you must have strong mathematical skills and proper knowledge of conversion. Still, the chance of errors will remain higher in this method of converting binary to hexadecimal.

But, you don’t have to waste your efforts on this tedious and hectic process, as you can use our bin to hex file converter online without any hassle.

You can convert binary to hexadecimal online by following these simple steps.

  • Input your binary text in the given box.
  • Click on the “Convert to Hex” button for bin to hex conversion.
  • Instantly get your converted code.

You can copy your code from the box and save it on your device directly, or copy it on the clipboard by clicking on the “Copy to Clipboard” button.

Our bin to hex converter works on the principle of divide and rule. As the binary code is usually lengthy and has a massive amount of 0s and 1s, that’s why it is essential to split the binary text into small parts to reduce the chances of errors during conversion. Similarly, our tool splits your binary text and converts each value of binary to hex individually, and then combines it to provide you with 100% accurate results. You might think that it will take much time to convert code into another language online, but you are not right here.

Our tool processes your text and gives you the results within a blink of an eye. So, you don’t need to get worried anymore, as you can convert binary to hex without any hassle by using our efficient tool.

The hexadecimal number system is widely used in information technology. This format is used to represent and calculate bytes in computational processing. As most of us know, computer systems store data in the form of bytes; one byte consists of 8 bits. The hexadecimal system is used to denote four binary digits, and if the value is less than four digits, then extra zeros are added on the left to meet the condition.

In Html or XML, the hexadecimal numbers are used for representing colors where every color is assigned a six-digit hex number.

Furthermore, one of the most significant advantages of using a hex number system is to store information in the computer system. The decimal system usually takes 2 bits to store 100 numbers, whereas you can save 256 hex numbers in two bits.

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Moreover, this tool is entirely cloud-based, which enables you to convert binary to hex from any corner of the globe.

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Binary Hex
0 0
1 1
10 2
11 3
100 4
101 5
110 6
111 7
1000 8
1001 9
1010 A
1011 B
1100 C
1101 D
1110 E
1111 F
10000 10
100000 20
1000000 40
10000000 80
100000000 100