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Our free article checker is a tool that checks the web for plagiarism of your content.

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Why is it broken?
API issues with Bing and Google. They stopped making it free. Sorry.
What does your tool do?
It checks your submitted source for direct plagiarism by splitting up the piece into small, distinct fragments. Then, using the search engine's API (official method), we scour Google, Google Scholar abstracts, and Bing and Yahoo (now, affectionately known as BingHoo) for appearance of these fragments then report the results to you across all these different sources.
Will it check the entire document or just part of it?
We scan your entire document. There is no trial or paid membership or registration required. Everything is 100% fully functional and 100% fully free.
Will you store my scan in your database?
No. Your submitted text fragments are only temporarily sent to the search engines for checking. They are then discarded.
What is your privacy policy?
We are required to forward your IP address to the search engines when you request a scan to be done. Your IP address is attached to every scan request's fragments as they're submitted. This is required information for the search engines to make sure no one is abusing their resources.
What do I do if someone's plagiarizing my content?
If you've found plagiarizers on the web, visit Google's DMCA page. You'll need this info for all 3 search engines. If you've found print plagiarism, visit the U.S. Copyright Office Web Site.
I scanned a student's paper and there were sentences that were plagiarized.
Plagiarism, like cheating, is handled as academic misconduct by most schools and universities. The severity of the plagiarism should be considered. For example, if there was a simple misrepresentation regarding a source, this might be dealt with differently than if there was, say, a fabrication of sources or multiple submissions from the same source.
Why was your tool broken for so long?
Google decided to start charging for usage to access to their search engine data through their API. They graciously offered up a whopping 100 queries per day for free. However, this site uses about 60,000 queries per day so we had to look at the paid option with Google's API. We then discovered that Google charged $5 per 1000 queries for access to their API which would mean that this tool would cost us about $300 per day to operate ($9300 per month). Of course, this isn't possible. We had to find a way to get the tool working without using Google's API and after 5 months, we finally found a workable solution. Thanks, Bing.
Things we are working on.
07/20/2010 (FIXED): The Bingers (Bing) is throwing false plagiarized positives in certain situations. We're trying to find out why. For example, we tried to scan a sentence. We also tried to substitute a different domain and it threw the same error. But it still threw out a false positive. We're still looking into it.

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