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Do you want a steady stream of traffic on your website? Are you using social media platforms to promote your products and services? Can you get the advantage of an open graph?

Open Graph (OG) was introduced in 2010 by Facebook to allow incorporation between Facebook, a website and data of its users. The open graph protocol enables you to give a boost to your web page. This protocol involves a set of tags for webmasters to provide detailed information to social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook). With this information, social networks can display the links of users on social pages in a better way. OG validation tool technology allows webmasters to turn a Facebook page into a single object graph. You can place this graph on other websites. Information from Facebook pages can be carried over to a graph, such as shares or likes. You can control the display of information with the use of meta tags. An open Graph generator online tool can be a good way to generate new tags.

With the use of this tool, you can enjoy a 250% increase in traffic. You may wonder how it can affect the traffic of your site. Keep it in mind, that it allows you to control the display of your post. A post enriched with a description, image, and title can grab more traffic. With these elements, you can make your social post more interesting. The image alone can affect your click-through rate. OG tags can help you to increase the functionality of Facebook pages.

The OG meta tags allow you to share the preview of your links (description, image, and video) on Facebook. These graphs allow you to create an exciting and richer experience for people to interact with you on Twitter and Facebook. You can implement open graph protocol in your site by adding meta tags to the header of your site. If you already having tags, analyze your post using open graph checker.

The impact of an OG tag on search engine optimization is limited. It works on social networks like Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. You can’t use it for search engines. The social networks have become important in the current era, so the famous search engines can’t afford to ignore the data of these tags in their algorithms. Major search engines examine these meta tags. Google may favor specific pages used in Google plus social network. For SEO, the webmasters must pay attention to meta description and title tags of their web pages. They create the tags using meta tags generator and also check them with meta tags analyzer. Nowadays, OG protocol & tags are essential for web pages shared on different social platforms. Here are some instructions to place the tags:

  • Add a namespace to HTML tag
  • Between head tags, you have to add meta tags with content attributes and property
  • You will need four tags to define specifications: og:title, og:image, og:url, og:type
  • If your page has rich video content, you can get the advantage of other tags

Webmasters can turn their web pages into a sole object graph. With meta tags, you can share particular information and restrict remaining content to drive more traffic to other sites. These tags can organize information on your social media page. You can put forward your desired information on external web pages. Specific tags will help you to hold back some info to temper the interest in the audience. In this way, you cause them to visit another webpage to make purchases. It is easy to share different parts of Facebook pages, such as video, images, and text. It allows you to set the size of images. Try to select a square photograph because marketing experts prefer the use of these images. After establishing a page, use the open source graph generator online tool. With this tool, you can find out tags used on a page.

Depending on specific applications on a website, you are eligible to command different actions from Facebook tags. You can expand some actions, so a comprehensive list is not available. Moreover, this kind of things makes it easy to direct money in a specific place while targeting your spectators. After FB, twitter is another platform you can get traffic from using twitter card generator.

Social media tags allow you to localize your biogeography by interests and activities of the target market. Some Facebook tags are useful to send targeted information to some locations and groups. It is an easy method to convey relevant information to your audience.

We understand that it can be difficult to understand the function and use of OG tools. Don’t worry because our free open source graph generator can help you to translate your efforts to revenue for your business.

This tag generator is free to create tags. You can get personalized tags by putting the required information in the given boxes. This tool is ready to assist you in generating the tags. Here are some simple instructions for you:

- Write the title of your website along with the site name. The tool will need the URL of your site along with a description limited to 200 characters. Try to include some keywords in the description that can bring customers to your page. Carefully write a description mentioning the purpose of your website and the nature of content posted on it.

- You have to select the “Type” of content and “Number of Images” on your web page. Hit on the arrow and choose the number of pictures and kind of content from a drop-down menu.

- Finally, enter the URL of images to get special open graph tags for the photos. Carefully fill the blanks so that the OG creator can generate tags. After typing the required details, you will get the following results. You can copy these results to the clipboard as per your convenience.

- By hitting “Copy to Clipboard,” you will see the following message. It means the information is successfully copied to a clipboard.

This social media tag creator can save your time by generating essential tags. For the success of your business, you have to incorporate OG meta tags and the other free tools into your marketing strategy.

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