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Check the errors you make frequently and fix them as soon as possible to enhance the performance of your website. Add the URL of your site in the given area and press the “Check Open Graph” key to begin the test.

Do you know the number of small businesses on Facebook? Surprisingly, more than 30 million small companies are using Facebook and other social media platforms. Fierce competition makes it essential to optimize your products and services to prove your expertise. Unfortunately, you can’t survive in the market without improving your visibility. Work on your website and social media pages with the right tools for a strong online presence. With the help of that OG, you can give essential tools to your site. These website management tools can take your engagement to a new level. If you need some assistance, try an open graph checker.

By running an open graph check on your site, you can get the advantage of rich graph objects. OG check is an excellent way to have better control over the appearance of your content on social media sites. Without an OG protocol, you depend on the mercy of an automated system of content generation of social sites. These generators will choose an appearence of shared content. It allows you to optimize your posts for clicks in these networks. These clicks can impact your brand reputation, traffic and search engine rankings. Once your original content gets shared and noticed regularly, it will boost the traffic, links, visitors, and engagement of visitors on your site. It is an easy way to increase your brand engagement.

Have you wondered about the appearance and final look of your site to search engines? Keep it in mind that auditing is an ideal way to improve the ranking of your sites so that customers can easily find your products. OG check allows you to track your frequent errors and correct them immediately. Open graph meta tags help your social media sites to grab information. Keep notifying search engines about the additions & modifications regarding your site with ping tool. You can produce tags for these areas:

Og:title (Title Your Social Media Content)

With this tag, you can title your content. Keep this title limited from 60 to 90 characters. Check the character length of your tags with meta tag analyzer. The title must not exceed 100 characters. If your title is more than 100 words, it will be shortened automatically to 88. This option looks similar to this:

Og:url (Useful for URLs)

This tag is useful for those people who have two or more URL for similar content. They can designate one URL for all social shares. This tag can dictate a canonical URL for your social page. See the preview of this code:

Og:type (Describe Type of Shared Content)

With this open graph protocol, you can describe the type of your content. Feel free to share different types of content with this system. For instance, you can share web-based content: websites and articles. Some sites contain entertainment-oriented content, such as movies and books. Moreover, you may share special content about politicians and actors. After sharing the content, must check the position of your keywords with keyword rank checker so can analyze the things in a better way to get a boost. If you don’t indicate the type of content, a website is assumed by default. With this tag, you can represent your content in a better way. For instance, if a user hit “like” on your content, this content will automatically appear on Facebook in his interest section. The preview of this code is as under:

Og:description (Control the Description of a Link)

An Open Graph Checker tool Online can detect tags on a website. With the use of this tag, it will be easy for you to control the description of a link. You can decide what a link must show in the feed of your visitors. It will not impact your SEO, so try to create an engaging copy. Limit the description of a link to 200 characters. See the preview of this tag:

Og:image (Boost Engagement of Visitors)

Pictures are valuable to boost the engagement of your readers. Without these tags, any image can be selected randomly from your page. To attract readers, make sure to choose 5MB pictures with 1200 pixels and 627 pixels. These kinds of pictures can do a great job to attract visitors on Facebook. A well-used picture can be a plus point for your website. See the preview of this code:

Along with these basic tags, you can use some other tags, such as og:locale, og:site-name, og:video and og:audio. With og:locale, you can set the language territory and location. Without this tag, the default settings will be English and the United States.

Keep it in mind that you can’t depend on algorithms for social appearance. With OG procedure, you can get the advantage of essential tools. These free tools can ultimately improve your engagement on social platforms. With over 1.393 billion active visitors, Facebook can give a good boost to your business website regarding ranking and organic traffic. With these tags, you can capture the attention of readers and spread your company message and brand. If you are not sure about the use of these tags on your website, you can use our Best Open Graph Checking Online Free tool. There are no complicated steps to use it:

  • - Open the free tool of Search Engine Report and enter “URL” of your website.
  • - After entering your URL, it is time to hit the "Check Open Graph" button.
  • - The tool starts its work, and you will get the results in few seconds.

What to do with these results now? Always remember that these results are essential for the success of your business. Based on these results, it will be easy for you to find out your weaknesses. You can take significant steps to give a boost to your shared content. Keep a check on your visitors with the hit counter. With the use of these tags, you can control the appearance of your content on social media sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. The OG tag can define things in the digital space. You are free to control the appearance of an image, video, article, title, etc. These tags are specially designed for social media sites, so these will not affect your SEO tags.

Wisely use open graph meta tags to attract backlinks, reach new visitors and webmasters and naturally boost your ranking. Our free OG tracker will assist you to find out which open graph tag is required on your website. You can also get the new OG tag using open graph generator. Many platforms are supporting open graph protocols, such as Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook.