Adding a hit counter will enable you and users to keep an eye on visits and page views of the site. You can create one in the tool by choosing the number of digits and where you desire the counter should start counting. Click on "Generate Counter HTML code" and embed at a suitable location on your website.

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The hit counter/website counter informs you about the number of times a user visits your page. This is usually found on the main page of websites and is visible to all, members and guests. If you decide to set the attribute to invisible, then only the administrator or website handler can view it. The purpose of a hit counter is to inform you of how many times a user’s web browser has requested to see a page on your website. Whenever a server receives a request from the browser of a user, it is called a hit.

There are two different types of hit counters that are available on our site one is the page view counter, and the other is unique visitors counter. They both have different codes and can be used on the home page of your website or any other place you find suitable. It will also let people know how popular your site is, and as the counter keeps on refreshing every second, it will keep people updated about how many visits your website is receiving every second or minute.

An online hit counter is the same as the page counter. It counts the number of visits by people and can be used as an attractive piece on a site. If you think that this graphic slice can let you know specifically about how many times a single user visited from a device, then no. The main motive of web traffic checker is to keep people informed of the number of visitors on the website. It also adds more to their interest, which is why they use the site to find more about why so many people are visiting it.

A website visitor counter can be used to find out about how many views a specific page had in a day, week, or month. People can compare the results of the pages to find, which material of the site is most visited or liked by people. It will assist everyone in generating more relevant topics, which can make people stay on the website longer. This can be used as a tactic to increase the authority of a page. After that, you can use more internal links from and to that page on your website. It will assist in improving the overall performance of the site, but it is essential to add relevant links to that page.

As it will keep informing you of how popular your website is, the traffic counter will aid you in developing plans for the future. This will enable people to learn about the popularity of your site and will ask you to display ads on individual pages or areas of your website.

After landing on the page of our website hits tracking program, you can follow the instructions given below to produce a Visit Hit Counter for you. When you have generated one using the tool, the installation part is effortless.

  • On the Website Counter page, you will see an address bar asking you to enter the domain name of the website. This is where you will be entering the URL of your site, to be used in the coding part.
visitor counter
  • In the select style option, you can choose the appearance of the tool that suits the colour scheme of your website.
hit counter
  • Once you have selected the colour scheme, you can enter a number in the "Start Counting" option. This number is the one where the website hit tracker will start counting but make sure to choose a number carefully. You can also decide how many numbers you want the hit counter to be based on in the next option.
website visitor counter
  • The "Count Type" allows you to select the counter representation. You can choose the page view in order to learn about the page views only. Else you can go with the unique visitor’s counter, which will only record the number of unique visitors. After following the steps, all you have to do is press the "Generate Counter HTML Code" button to get your snippet.
website counter

The hit counters are absolutely free and do not ask you to sign-up to create a snippet for you. If you are the website handler and are aware of the coding, then you can adjust these few lines of codes anywhere on the page. It is easy to install; you only have to copy the snippet and paste in the coding of the website. This can be an extra eye for you to keep you updated about how many people have visited a specific product, service, information, or a blog page.

Furthermore, our hit counter can support up to nine digits, if you have a famous site then using a large number can be a good idea because the number doesn’t automatically reset and you will need to start the counter from zero or specific number again.