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Check how mobile friendly your website is and the score generated by our tool will also inform you what needs to be upgraded to cover the rest of the percentage. All you need to do is, enter the full URL of your website and tap on the button with the title “Start Test”.

Do you remember the last use of your smartphone? Of course, you do! Indeed, it’s hard to forget if it’s only just a few seconds or minutes ago.

Steadily increasing web users prefer browsing with their smart devices. The odds are good that you are reading this article on your smartphone. In this way, you can understand the importance of mobile-friendly testing tools.

Whether it is a website of a university or a popular clothing brand, it should look attractive on mobile devices because a large number of internet users people use their smartphones for browsing. Almost 87% of millennials and 2/3rd Americans own smart devices. They always have their smartphones around. Students use their tablets and smartphones to complete their assignments. In a situation like this, if you are not working on a mobile friendly website, you are actually losing potential customers. A mobile friendly site is no longer just a matter of trend, but it has become a need.

Mobile Checker of Search Engine Report can help you to check if you have a mobile-friendly website. Nowadays, people find it convenient to use their mobiles to check reviews, the menu of restaurants, the location of a phone number, book appointments, the list goes on and on. And, a mobile-friendly website can deliver the results and valuable information effectively.

A mobile-optimized site is a versatile version of traditional desktop-friendly sites. Responsive design is suitable for small screens, but it comes with some constraints. That is why it is mandatory to make your website optimized for smart devices. A site must have a responsive design with a modern framework to detect the type of device and screen size. Your website should change its size and color just like a chameleon. With a mobile friendly test website, you can evaluate the characteristics and performance of a site. Here are some traits of mobile-optimized sites:

  • Sites contain less text
  • Sites load quickly
  • Sites have limited moving parts and pop-ups
  • There will be fewer text boxes for filling
  • Simple drop-down menus
  • Strongly featured contact information
  • Large store hours
  • Easily targeted and large buttons
  • Prominent call-to-action details

Desktop-versions can’t drive more traffic because people find it easy to use their tablets and smartphones. With a mobile-version, you can drive more traffic to your site or e-commerce store. If you want to grab the attention of the new generation, you will need a mobile friendly website. Majority of people from the next generation don’t use desktop machines. If you want to make them your loyal customers, you have to design a responsive website.

Mobile users don’t always use their phones to complete their research papers or assignments. They use it for a few seconds or minutes while waiting in a line at grocery stores or outside of theaters. However, they are using their mobile devices frequently, but for short intervals. Keep it in mind that they don’t have time to wait for heavy graphics to load quickly. They don’t want to spend their time to find information on the seventh page. Research reveals that 40% of users like a website with fast loading speed, such as three seconds. A mobile-optimized website must be designed after considering the behavior of users. Go through the loading speed test using tools available online. These tools not only tells about the loading speed of the webite but tells you the reasons & solutions if slow.

Just a tip: Minify CSS, Minify HTML & Minify JS to load your website even faster.

The mobiles users are significant buyers. They can buy more than desktop users. Mobile devices provide people with high power to become informed customers. They can instantly use their phones to compare brands and remove second-guessing on each purchase. Cellphone customers use their smart devices to find coupons, purchase items in a clearance sale and research sales. They can access e-newsletters or merely visit the aisles of stores. A smartphone allows customers to make purchases quickly. With mobile friendly test, you can check your website if it is responsive & compatible for all the devices.

You must also consider that the young generation is a multitasker. They use multiple screens to check social media pages and send tweets, check the weather, send emails, etc. If you want to retain them for a longer duration, you have to pay attention to the structure and design of your website. A mobile-optimized website can keep them hooked with your online store. Your site should make it easy for them to shop their favorite products as soon as possible. If a user is interrupted by text messages while waiting for your website to respond, you will actually lose this user. Our responsive design checker can be a good choice for you to check your site.

A mobile-optimized site becomes a valuable asset for your business. You will need a unique strategy for the latest version of your site to send targeted messages to suitable people. For instance, a mobile-friendly site must have relevant information about your company, services or products. Visitors have nothing to do with rhetorical mission statements or press releases. They are not interested in your background, such as how you started, etc. If they are accessing your website from a smartphone, they will need relevant information on landing pages. For your responsive sites, you must streamline individual messages for your customers. Make it easy for your customers to find the desired information on a crowded website. Check the layout of each page of your site with our mobile-friendly test online.

Our responsive design checker allows webmasters to analyze if their sites are responsive. You can check each web page on this tool. A tremendously growing use of smart devices makes it essential to design a responsive website. Our tool uses similar technology to Google to analyze your mobile site. Examine your web page using website management tools & get an instant report.

A few simple steps involved are:

- Get started by visiting:

- Enter the URL in the given text field that says “Enter Domain”.

- To initiate the user-friendly test, hit “Submit” and wait for a few seconds for the tool to complete the processing.

- The test takes less than a minute, and test results will tell you whether your site is mobile-friendly or not and give you a screenshot of “how your page looks on a smartphone?”

- Our mobile responsive test shows the final look of your webpage on a smartphone. See this image.

After running a mobile site test, you can detect errors of your site to make your site mobile friendly. Having a responsive designed site is necessary because of excessive use of smartphone users. Currently, Google ranks your mobile and desktop site according to its information. Google will use the content of your mobile site for ranking. Any content removed by a responsive design will be discharged for a mobile site. The clean look of your responsive site can increase the number of followers. SEOs understand the importance of mobile-friendly website optimization. Therefore, optimization is an essential part of their SEO strategies. Our test tool can help you to evaluate the responsiveness and responsive layout of your site. You can also check the theme of your competitor’s website if its going more than just well. Theme detector will help you to analyse the theme deeply.

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