Wordpress Theme Detector

Liked a theme on the internet? Check if it belongs to one of the categories of WordPress by pasting the URL of the website and pressing the “Detect Theme” key. The tool will let you know everything about the theme if it’s in the WordPress bracket.

WordPress is one of the most popular websites and blog site-building application in use today. There are 60 million websites that are using WordPress, which includes 10 million of the top sites. WordPress is one of the leading Content Management System (CMS) in use today.

The reasons for WordPress popularity are:

Easy to install and use.

Offers a variety of themes and plugins.

Mobile applications.

Other Features.

To put it in simple words, if you want to build a website or a blog site really fast, all that you need to do is to get a domain name and an internet hosting service provider or web server that has WordPress installed on it. WordPress will help you build your web or blog site in the shortest possible time without seeking help from a website programmer.

Another reason for WordPress being a leading web building tool is that it has free and paid themes for users to use in building their sites. The variety of themes offered is genuinely mind-boggling. You can find themes on any category or topic.

What if you come across a web or blog site that you really like and you want to use the same theme for your site. Well, first, you have to ascertain if the website has been built in WordPress. If it has, then you can go to the next step and find out the theme it's using.

Let's take the first step. There are different ways to find out if the website that you are interested in investigating has been built in WordPress. One is by looking at its source code:

Right-click on the website and select 'view page source': it will open a tab in which the source code is displayed. In the first 10-15 lines of the source code, you will see a similar line displayed. Now you can be sure that the site has been built in WordPress.


An easier way to find out if the site is built in WordPress is to install Google Sniffer with Google Chrome. It will appear in the browser bar, and as you visit different sites, the icon will change to show the software being used. If the site is in WordPress, the WordPress icon will be displayed.

Now that you have got to the website and found that it is indeed developed in WordPress, you can move on to finding the theme it's using.

Now that you have found that the website has been developed in WordPress, let's look into the easiest way to find out which theme it's using. One way would be to look at the themes in WordPress.org and browse through all the themes that are on offer.

By taking this course, you could spend hours finding the theme that you are looking for. SearchEngineReports has a simple to use tool that will quickly detect the theme being used in a WordPress built site. Let's see how we can use the WordPress Theme Detector tool in SER.

The WordPress theme detector gives you every single detail about a WordPress site. This tool can assist you in figuring out whether the plugins are installed correctly on your website or not. You can run this tool on a competitor’s site, and within seconds, the WordPress plugin detector will show you the list of plugins and the theme installed on that website.

Remember: If a website has developed a WordPress theme itself, then you might not be able to get the same theme for your website.

Our WordPress Plugin Detector identifies the following elements from a WordPress site:

Version of WordPress.

Title of the theme.

Homepage of the theme.

Screenshot of the theme.


Author homepage.


Our developers and technical team have developed this tool to make WordPress theme detection a piece of cake for you. Thus, it doesn’t involve any procedures that would require skills or technical knowledge from anyone out there. You don’t have to feel anxious about registering or paying a penny for using this utility on our website. Plus, the user-friendly nature of this website’s theme detector allows you to operate this tool from any device. For using this WordPress theme finder, you’ve to follow the steps listed below.

  • Enter the URL of WordPress theme checker in the address bar. https://searchenginereports.net/wordpress-theme-detector
  • After accessing this webpage, you’ve to enter the website’s URL in the space provided.
  • Finally, you’ve to click on the “Detect Theme” button.
  • In a few seconds, all the details about the WordPress website will be displayed right below the detect button. Afterward, you can search for the detected theme or plugins and install them on your WordPress site.