Start targetting your website by loading long tail keywords in the content. Add the words relevant to the content of your site in the section under "Seed List", select a search engine, choose a country and click on the "Start Suggestions".

Long tail keywords cover a comprehensive portion of SEO, and this tool will let you find the most suitable keywords for your website or page. If you are looking for a way to optimize your site to gain organic traffic, then long tail keywords can play a vital role in this case. A single word keyword can be really confusing for search engines because the purpose behind it is not understandable. Also, there was a time when search engines used to match those single words with the material of websites to display results in SERP but when your motive isn’t identifiable, how can you expect to find the relevant results?

Today, everybody uses this method to search for authentic and appropriate content, and the long tail keywords suggestion tool is all about bringing you the best matches for your provided phrases.

These must be used in the titles and in the headers to make them work effectively. Plus there is a lot more space to use these keywords in the content portion. Using the same keyword in all the pages of your website means your every page is competing with the others on the site. If you are running a blog, then sometimes it can be challenging not to use the same words again. Also, if you desire to upgrade a blog from the past then instead of removing the old post, you can use the canonical tag to avoid any misunderstandings for search engines.

Before using the tool, you need to do brainstorming for keywords. If you don’t have any idea, then think from a searcher’s point of view that what phrase or short keywords can a person use to find your service or product. The long tail keywords finder will find the most suitable keywords for your topic, which will be based on how many words you enter. Furthermore, you can add links to other pages of the website in the phrases of one page with good DA to generate better traffic but make sure the topic is relevant.

You don’t need to be an expert to use this tool because when you are done with finding the right words, this is where you can generate as many long tail KWs as you need. Creating a website and getting it indexed do not require much time but to get it crawled requires patience because bots are crawling billions of websites and it might ask for a few weeks or more to make yours appear in the SERP.

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Our online program doesn’t ask for any extra plugins or complicated procedure to follow. The suggestion tool is absolutely free and doesn’t even require you to sign-up, but if you wish to receive more updates on upcoming tools, then you can opt for newsletters.

The long tail keyword finder can easily be configured; all you have to do is read and follow the instructions given below to organize the program.

1. You will find a small box with a couple of options on this page (https://searchenginereports.net/long-tail-keyword-generator). The first one is "Seed List" this is where you will be adding each phrase on a separate line.

2. The "Provider" option is currently set to Google, but you can change it according to your country because at many places Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and others are used. You can change the default set "Country" to the one you wish and choose your language. The loading configurations will let you set the prefix and suffix option in the end.

3. When you are done, you can press the "Start Suggestions" button located below the tool to start receiving suggestions. The proposals will keep on generating, and you can stop them by hitting the "Stop Suggestions" button to preview all the produced ones or export to a CSV file and open in Microsoft Excel sheet to see them.

More than 60% of people are using the long tail keywords to find answers to their queries. Moreover, these keywords give you a chance to score better than your competitor, or at least it brings you in the challenge. Google algorithms now focus on finding answers based on the user’s intent, which is why long tail keywords are highly advised. This is how they affect your website:

  • Add a better perspective to your content by improvising the headers.
  • The Hummingbird Update focused on understanding the purpose behind a search. For which the importance of long-tail keywords was prioritised.
  • The Best Method To Rank: Your long tail keywords are the fuel to your blogs and are the most exceptional technique to rank in SERP.

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