Keyword Suggestions Tool

Get rid of Google keyword planner restrictions with our free keyword suggestion tool. Enter your seed keyword with the desired target location and get better keywords suggestions with accurate search volumes.

Writing content for websites is quite taxing. Not only does the content writer have to focus on the topic, but also on keywords. Since content writers don’t know the keywords to use while writing a web article, blog or post, they need a keywords suggestion tool.

There are several keyword suggestion tools sites on the internet. What these tools attempt to do is to suggest keywords based on a phrase, sentence or word entered by the user. Some sites will offer to display Google keyword trends, while another may offer keyword tool YouTube.

The web content writer has to find and fit in keyword depending on the content that is being written about.

Ever since the internet became a huge platform on which to exchange information and sell products and services, search engines importance went up. It was Google that made web owners, masters, and SEOs aware of the importance of ranking. When you enter the words on a search engine that you want information about; the search engine scans through its ranked sites and displays them on your browser. Google tells you that it scanned over X million sites in Y seconds and displays all the sites page wise.

Now how does Google or any other search engine do that? When the search engine’s crawler scans a web page’s title, content, and description, it notes if keywords have been used about the topic. It generates an index of that page and stores it. The index is simply speaking like a book’s index which has the name of the subject and the pages on which that subject is mentioned. Keywords are those words and phrases that the search engines use to index web pages.

There are millions of keywords that search engines have on their servers. Since the internet is a no hands barred platform, websites contain a variety of information. Virtually every topic known to current day humans is somewhere on the internet. New content and keywords are added every day. Search engines are intelligent and are constantly updating keywords. The keywords are categorized and stored.

It’s similar to walking into a huge department store and looking for men clothes. There will be display signs telling you which section or floor have men clothes. When you get to that section again, there are signs placed guiding you to shirts, trousers, jeans, etc. again in shirts there will be further signs guiding you to formal and casual shirts. The search engines keywords are similarly structured and stored.

When a visitor enters words to search on in the search engines display browser; the keywords are picked up and a quick search conducted on them. The sites containing the keywords are displayed. For example, if you were to search for ‘donuts,' all the donut sites in the world would be returned and displayed. But if you were to search for ‘donuts in New York,' the search engine would return donut sites in New York.

Search engines are smart and know the area from where a visitor has come on the internet. When a visitor enters a search criterion, the search engines return the sites ranked according to the location of the user.

When you do a search for keywords tools on any search engine; it will return some sites offering this service. If you are starting a YouTube channel a search for keywords will return sites offer:

  • YouTube keyword list
  • YouTube video tags list
  • Popular YouTube tags list
  • YouTube tags to get lots of views
  • Best YouTube tags
  • YouTube description generator

Now it’s up to the YouTube channel creator to select the tool or tools that he or she wants to use.

Google being the most popular and well known search engine in the world today, content writers and SEOs want keywords to use that Google will look at and index. Google has its own keywords suggestion service called Adwords. You need a Google account too, use it. Similarly there are other sites that invite you to use them to find keywords for Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

You can use these sites at will; but there’s a catch in most of them. When you use the sites, you will be asked to register, provide your email address and create an account. Once you do that you will be bombarded with emails asking you to sign pay, pay to get keywords related to your site. They are all marketeering sites.

To avoid these keyword sites that sell they services to provide keywords. You can now use Keywords suggestions tool. To use this tool enter in the navigation bar of your browser. Once the site is displayed click on ‘Free SEO tools’. On the next screen scroll down the icons till you come to the keywords suggestions tool icon. Click on it and enter keyword and click. The application will return a list of keywords.

These keywords have been selected from the keywords that search engines like to index. You are free to use them in your page. You don’t have to go through the hassle of signing up, giving your email address, etc. you are free to use the tool as and when required.

This tool is a great help for SEOs, webmasters, website owners and content writers, bloggers and post writers. The more keywords that are related to your content you use, the better chances of search engines ranking them.

Content writers, bloggers and post writers do at times have difficulty in knowing which words to use while writing. Having a free Keywords suggestions tool handy is very useful. The better use of keywords that you apply the better will be your content indexing.

However, in your eagerness to use keywords don’t stuff them. Too many keywords warn the search engine that something is wrong. Therefore in your eagerness to write a good content be aware of this rule. Overuse of keywords will get the content penalized.