Keyword Rich Domain Suggestions Tool

If you are looking forward to buying a domain for your business, then add the name of the company or a keyword that describes your industry in the field below "Enter Keyword" title and press the "Get Suggestions" button to look for keyword rich domains.

People who want to set up a new website should use Keywords rich domains suggestions tool to select a domain name. Website owners want that their business brand name should be their domain name as well. For example, McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, Coca-Cola and other well-known brands have retained and used their established business names for their domain names as well.

Even if you don’t have an internationally known brand or business, you would still want your domain name to be the same as that of your business. Therefore your business name will be a key factor in selecting your domain name.

Your company name on the street address and the internet website should be the same. It becomes easier for visitors to use and remember. If you are starting a new business, it’s crucial to select the right name for your business and domain. It is the name your company will be known as on and off-line.

The same rule applies for individuals who want to set up an internet website. Since their names know them, they would want sites also to reflect their names. For example, if your name is Joe Buddy, you want your email, Facebook, and other website names to be based on your name. You don’t want to be known as Joe Buddy among your relatives and friends and as Zeetac on Facebook and other internet sites.

It’s the same when it comes to choosing a domain name. You want your name or your business purpose reflected in it. If for example, you have a car repair shop in Chicago, you would want your store’s name to be in your domain name.

Previously when domain names were limited to having .com, .org in the extension, the famous names were grabbed up. Therefore it became virtually impossible to find a good, business or individual domain name.

The demand for domain names has grown tremendously over the past few years and goes on increasing rapidly. Right now the domain name extensions have increased and so have the choices. Domain name extensions such as io, .net, .guru, .mob, .co, .photo, .buzz and so on can be used. Also country codes like .uk, .au, .in can be used as domain name extensions. It has opened up the choice of selecting domain names that reflect your business.

Based on planned website, you can get help from cool site names list or unregistered domain names list or domain name suggestions. All these can be found by typing them into Google or any search engine.

Search engines like keywords, but what are keywords? In the context of the internet, keywords are the words that are entered by searchers in search queries. For example, a searcher wants to find ‘popular English newspapers.' The search engine will return the top English newspapers websites in the world. Now if the searcher wants to narrow the search and find English newspapers in Turkey, he or she will enter ‘popular English newspapers in Turkey. The search engines will narrow down the search based on three keywords, which are; English, Newspapers, Turkey.

By this example, the importance of using keywords in domain names is obvious. Usage of keywords in domain names increases the chances of the website getting a higher ranking on search engines. Your primary goal is to drive organic traffic to your site from search engines result pages (SERP), and if you can include the type of business in your domain name, it would be ideal.

Find your niche by selecting at least ten keywords and five popular words that people are searching for your type of business would use in their online search. You can use GoDaddy domain name generator to find the name you want to use. You need to be very lucky to find your ideal domain name, or else GoDaddy will provide a list suggesting available domain names that are linked to your business niche.

Some tips to remember when selecting domain names are:

  • Brand Identity
  • Relevance
  • Easy to Remember
  • Alternative Extensions
  • Avoid Copyright Infringement
  • Avoid Hyphens

You want your brand name to be reflected in your domain name as that is your identifier. The domain name should be relevant to your business. Should be easy for people to remember and alternative extensions should be explored. Make sure that the domain name is not infringing on an existing brand copyrights. It’s best to stay away from domain names that contain hyphens.

To make it easier for people interested in selecting the right domain name for their business, provides a Keywords rich domains suggestions tool. It’s easy and free to use.

Enter in the navigation bar of your search browser and the site will open. Go to the Free SEO tools and click on it. Scroll down the icons till you spot Keywords rich domains suggestions tool and click on it. it will generate a list of available domain names based on your search criteria.

Now you can select the domain name that is appropriate and go to GoDaddy or NameCheap and enter the suggested domain name. They will show the price they will charge for registering the name to you. They also give you bundle offers, for example you have selected a name with a .com extension. They may suggest that you also buy the same domain name with the .net, .info, .co extensions.

The bundle domain name offers are made so that, once your domain gains popularity; competitors don’t try to jump on your bandwagon by buying your domain name with a different extension and damaging your business.

Keywords rich domains suggestions tool by is a handy tool to find the right domain name to buy and use for your website. It’s free and easy to use and you can use it countless times. Therefore use it, and get your friends opinion on selecting the right name for your domain.