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JSON is an object notation which is in a textual format and is used for interchanging data with servers. JSON uses objects that are similar to the ones in JavaScript and consist of key/value pairs. As you know, today most of the data is transmitted to servers via JSON which is similar to XML, a format used for serving a related purpose. JSON format doesn’t come with many difficulties but arranging all the data and displaying it in a better way is what every coder wants and is exactly the reason why our JSON tree viewer is here for.

The structure of XML if compared to JSON, is easily decodable, but when you are working in JSON and want to retrieve data or make modifications, you need a JSON analyzer. Our JSON file viewer can view your JSON code, so you can quickly visualize the data in a tree view and make any required alterations. JSON is also known for its lightweight structure as XML necessitates closing tags, JSON does not, plus the parsing part is a lot easier in JSON.

All the data is stored in JSON objects which can contain strings, numbers, another object, an array within an array to save multiple objects in it, Boolean and null. These all are the data types of JSON, each pair of key/value uses a comma for separation, and the keys and values are divided by a colon. Accessing these objects is easy and doesn’t need execution of a lot of elements; all it requires is a dot notation to gain access to the data contained in the object.

The primary motive of the JSON format viewer is to let you demonstrate if the data added by you is accurate or not. In order to use this tool all you need is a constant connection to the internet either on a smartphone or a computer. With beautiful and Online JSON Viewer, you can rearrange, edit, and download the code in perfect shape after getting rid of all the white spaces.

You can effortlessly adjust JSON schema in this format, which allows you to validate the contents of the structure. Your code can be validated, beautified, minified with our best JSON viewer on a few clicks. The purpose of JSON is quite similar to XML’s, but its structure is entirely different which is another reason for why it’s preferred. The JSON format viewer displays data in an editable tree view, our tree viewer will also notify you instantly if there are any errors that need fixation with the serial number of the line where the error is found.

JSON has two distinguishable uses which are sending and storing data, and you can easily attach an SQL database too. JSON has become the part of the developer’s toolkit because it is well supported by SQL server and allows data to be transmitted between applications for sending/receiving information from web services.

JSON, as it’s based on object notation, it doesn’t require any JavaScript for reading and writing purposes because of its text format, which can be run anywhere. Some of its essential elements and structure include:

a. Objects (for storing data)

b. Arrays (to add more values in an object)

c. JSON schema (for defining the structure of data in JSON)

There are a few reasons why JSON is preferred over XML that is when you need a fast, compact and proper serialization of data. It can easily without any trouble be loaded in the JavaScript, because of this nature JSON seems superior in every way. Also, it comes with simplicity because JSON grammar is smaller and more straightforward, you don’t need to define tags or attributes in the JSON file, and it is similar to XML in interoperability.

If we talk about XML, no doubt, it is the dominant format for web services, because XML is more suitable in transferring data between separate systems. Like, the namespaces advantage in XML allows for sharing conventional structures, it provides displaying capabilities of one data in the file, and it is embraced by many computer industries where JSON has just started becoming known plus XML supports more desktop applications.

You can use the JSON format viewer tool from anywhere. The JSON file viewer online tool supports all versions of windows and browsers plus it doesn’t require any hardware upgrades because no support from your processor will be necessary in order to view large files for alterations. The beautiful JSON Viewer gives you a collapsible JSON tree view so that you can easily make modifications in your required area of the data.

To use the tool, follow the below given simple steps:

1. When you are on the page of JSON viewer windows, you will find a vast field. where you will be adding your JSON code.

2. You can type or paste the code in the above area of JSON format viewer, if you choose not to then we have another option which is uploading the file from your computer for that all you have to do is hit the “Upload” button. Or if the file is saved on some online server, then you can provide the link to it by typing or pasting the URL in the “Paste your URL” field. After writing the code or providing the link or uploading the file, all you need to do now is press the “Process” button located below the tool.

3. In the results after the file is processed, you can minify, validate, edit in a tree view, copy it to the clipboard, and more. The collapsible tree view enables editing easy, which makes our JSON Format viewer the ultimate tool for viewing and formatting JSON file. When done, you can download the file or copy it to paste the code in its original version.