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JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a readable format for structuring data, which is primarily used to transmit information between a data server and web applications. This format is considered as an alternative of XML to store and manage data over the web. Although JSON is derived from JavaScript, still this format is able to support almost every other primary programming language.

This JSON formatter assists you to format your data and provides you with a tree view that helps you in navigating your formatted JSON data. This tool can also be used to view a JSON text. This online tool is powerful and very useful to format JSON code within a few seconds.

You might have an idea that it is challenging to manage programming code usually because of its large size. JSON code is considered as the best alternative for XML, as this format has fewer attributes and grammar. Another significant reason for using JSON file format is that it is easy to edit and more lightweight when it comes to comparing it with other programming formats. On the other hand, if you want to edit the JSON code quickly then you should use our amazing and free JSON editor online.

Additionally, the syntax of JSON is quite simple, which makes it accessible and preferable for most of the programmers. Our JSON syntax Formatter gives you the most user-friendly interface to format your JSON code without any hassle. This tool allows you to format JSON online from any part of the planet.

There are two main elements of JSON syntax, arrays, and objects. As you might have an understanding that objects are a collection of various names or values, and arrays is an ordered list of these values or names.

There are some rules that must be followed while dealing with a JSON code, and negligence in following these rules may cause errors.

  • You can insert objects and arrays in your JSON.
  • It is essential to write objects' properties in the double quotation.
  • You cannot insert a hexadecimal, or octal numeric value, only decimal number format can be used in JSON.
  • The null value is also considered as a valid JSON value. You can use our free JSON validator online to check the validity of JSON quickly.
  • It is not allowed to trail commas on arrays.

Short Example of JSON Code

Let’s see an example of JSON code to understand its formatting more efficiently.

{"name": "Alex Leo","age":29,"title":"Software Engineer"}

["one", "two", "three"]

// you can use nested values

{"names": ["Alex Leo ", " Leo "]}

[ {“name": " Alex Leo "}, {"name": " Leo "}]

{} // empty hash

[] // empty list


{“key": "\uFDD0”}

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As discussed earlier, JSON is primarily inspired by Java Script language. Still, JSON is not limited to this language only, as you can use this format for many other programming languages. Many programming languages support this format and have methods of transferring lists and objects into JSON objects.

To get more understanding about it, let's have an example from ruby language.

require 'json'

data = { :five => 5 }

puts data.to_json

# prints "{ \"five\": 5 }"

Example of using JSON with PHP

$data = '{

"name": "JACOB",

"gender": "Male"


$character = json_decode($data);

echo $character->name;

JSON is the best format to store information and exchange it over the web. As we all know that JSON is a text-based format, which is easy for humans to understand and has much easier syntax than most of the data exchanging formats. The JavaScript object can easily convert into JSON and transmit to the server.

This JSON syntax formatter enables you to read a JSON and detect mistakes in your data. You can use this online JSON formatter to find the errors in your JSON which can be solved easily within a few seconds. Most of the programmers use the JSON format for exchanging data between a server and web applications instead of XML. This fantastic JSON formatter online not only helps you to format JSON but also assists you in validating your data.

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