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Free and best JSON Validator is a web-based tool which helps to validate JSON data. Just input your code in the text area and click the “Process” button to make it easy to read by human beings.

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JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a lightweight open standard format that is used for interchanging data. JSON is widely used for storing and transmitting data objects that consist of array data types and attribute-value pairs. The reason behind its popularity is the utilization of human-readable text in it, which makes it easier for humans to read and write the codes.

JSON is serving as a replacement of XML, which was used as a primary data format for interchanging data. But due to the fact that JSON is more lightweight, XML was eliminated, and JSON took its place. The most common use of JSON is the transmission and serializing of the structured data over a network connection. The JSON format is also used to share data amongst a server and web applications. Many programmers use JSON alongside modern programming languages.

The example of a JSON to transmit information about a book’s writer, language, and version is as follows:


"book": [



"language": "English",

"version": "second",

“writer”: “Charles Dickens”




"chapters": "16",

"version": "second",

“writer”: “Garry Thompson”




Our online JSON validator, as the name explains, is a tool that helps you figure out whether the JSON code you have entered is valid or not. If you are involved in programming tasks and writing codes in JSON, then you must know that a single-digit error can make the whole JSON invalid. Therefore, before transmitting data, you can use the JSON schema validator online that will help you know whether the code contains any mistake or not.

You can use this JSON validator online not only for checking for validate JSON but also for the identification of errors that are causing the trouble. In the results, JSON validation checker will display the line number and the type of error existing in it so that you can easily find a way to resolve it. You can try to rectify the mistake within the code input box provided by this tool and keep doing until its status is valid.

The users can test this JSON verify tool with the sample feature it provides. By clicking on “sample,” a JSON file example will be uploaded in the input box, and you can proceed to check the functionality and reliability of this JSON validator online.

The JSON validator online utility is free from all sorts of hassles, and anyone with a little understanding of this data interchanging format can easily use this tool. You can check your code with this JSON checker by following these easy steps mentioned below:

  • As this tool will open, you will see a box where you have multiple options to upload your JSON. You can simply write down all of the values, copy-paste them, or use the “Upload” button to open the JSON file saved on your device. If you want to validate JSON available on the web, then you can also paste its URL.
  • After uploading code, the final step is to click the “Proceed” button.
  • In a second or two, the JSON format validator will display the results of your JSON validity. If code is invalid, the results will also include the identification of the error.

This online JSON validator on searchenginereports.net has been designed by professional developers to make the lives of programmers easy. This JSON syntax checker is an advanced tool that checks if this is valid JSON code or not, no matter what its length is. The algorithms of this tool provide super-fast functionality to its users and display results in a matter of seconds. We also provide a free tool named as JSON viewer which can help you a lot to verify the data that the value you gave is written correctly or not.

For using JSON validator, you won’t have to put yourself into any sort of trouble. This smart tool provides you with accurate results, but it doesn’t ask you to pay a penny for using its service. Yes! It’s a premium quality service, but it’s completely free of any charges. The JSON validator online doesn’t even ask its users to get themselves registered with the website first for using its service. Many people are reluctant to go through registration procedures as they are troublesome and time-consuming. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about going through these nuisances for using this JSON schema validator. There is no need to sign up or log in for using JSON syntax checker.

You can also name this validator as a JSON verifier as well. There are many online platforms that are providing JSON validate tools, but the tool you will find on searchenginereports.net is exceptional due to several reasons. Let’s discover the benefits you can enjoy with this web-based utility.

No Installation:

The JSON syntax checker doesn’t ask you to download any software for using this utility. As already mentioned, it is a web-based utility, which means that anyone can access it with the help of an internet connection.


Our tool doesn’t wish to waste even a minute of any user; therefore, the responsiveness of this site has been made super-quick. You can get your hands on what you are looking for in a matter of seconds. The upload feature makes things even quicker that doesn’t put you in copy-pasting trouble.


The JSON format validator on our website is the safest tool that you can use to validate JSON file. Our databases have been designed in such a way that it doesn’t permit the servers to store the information entered by any of the visitors. Your code will vanish from our databases as soon as the validity check is concluded.


You can use this JSON format checker from any kind of device without facing any restriction or difference in performance. Not only checker you can also use our free JSON formatter online. This tool can be accessed from the devices running on any operating system, including Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows.