Free Daily Proxy List

If you are trying to access a website and get the dreaded ‘404 Page Not Found’ error you can use a proxy server to reach that website and show its contents to you. A free proxy list is very handy as it lists all the free proxy servers that you can use to reach a website.

In case you cannot reach a website that you must reach, you can use a free proxy server to link you to the website. Proxy servers act as a go-between the users and the website.

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between the user and the website that the user is trying to reach. If a user gets the 404 not found an error, he or she should not panic as there are ways to get around this problem. Check if there’s a free proxy available, and there are plenty of them and use one of them to reach your destination.

To simplify the problem, let’s say your IP address is and you are trying to reach and are getting the 404 not found the error. All you need to do is find a free proxy and route your request through it.

What the proxy server will do is either it will send you the latest copy of the website that it has stored in its cache. If it doesn’t have one, it will send a request from its IP address, and if it accesses the site, it will link it to you.

A proxy server can either be a software program running on a computer, or it can be a dedicated machine. The advantage of a proxy server is that in can serve multiple users at the same time. If some users request the same websites or pages, frequently they are likely to exist in the proxy server's cache and send an immediate response to the user. The user is duly impressed by the response time.

For example, popular websites and browsers like YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, and Google use proxy servers. These may be located area wise or country wise, depending on the requests coming from users in that area or country. If a user in Canada types ‘Amazon’ in his or her browser, the request will be received and processed by the Amazon proxy server in Canada and not the servers in the United States.

Governments may for some reason decide to block certain websites for certain reasons. But people in that country can still access these sites via proxy servers. There is no way that a government can block the main site operating out of another country. They can only attempt to block access to it which can be worked around.

Proxy servers can be used for legal as well as illegal purposes. Huge corporations, some governments, and multinationals use proxy servers in their enterprise. They do this to facilitate protecting their core business, its security and data. Private users can surf the internet anonymously and get to banned websites. Proxy servers can also be used for illegal purposes to monitor traffic and invade a user’s information.

Forward proxies are used to send requests from users to websites. Forward proxies may be used to circumvent firewalls in reaching a website. Forward proxies may be used for illegal purposes like downloading pornography which is banned in some countries or copyright material.

Reverse Proxies are used to handle all requests on servers without the requester’s intervention. Reverse proxy servers can be used for:

  • To enable indirect access to a website which restricts direct connections.
  • For load balancing between severs,
  • To stream internal content from its cache to internet users,
  • When an ISP or government wishes to block a website, it disables access to a site.

Some websites may be blocked for justifiable reasons. Reverse proxy servers may be used to prevent news leaks or to those sites that disclose information about a government.

There are several types of proxy servers in use across the internet world. The types of proxy servers in use are:

  • Transparent Proxies
  • Anonymous Proxies
  • Highly Anonymous Proxies
  • Socks 4 and 5 Proxies
  • DNS Proxies.

Proxy hacking is quite a common phenomenon where hackers use proxies to invade websites and steal information. Since they are using proxy servers, their identity is hidden, and website owners are not aware of the fact that their contents have been stolen.

Proxy hacking can also be used to discredit a website. Webmasters should remain on the watch that their content is not being hacked by illegal and anonymous sources. Proxy servers if not properly protected can be invaded and misused by hackers. Proxy server administrators must ensure that their servers can prevent any hacker attack from occurring. They can do this by keeping their firewalls updated and monitoring users activities.

A free proxy list can be a handy tool for users and SEOs. In the case of any problems in accessing certain websites, they can pick a proxy from this list, configure it and use it. To know the free proxy servers available go to and click on the ‘Free SEO Tools’ option. Scroll down the list of free tools (there are quite a few tools) and click on the ‘Free proxy list.' The system will display a list of the IP addresses of the free proxy servers available.

Select any proxy server that you want to use and enter it in a new tab. If for some reason it cannot be accessed, try another proxy from the list. Once you access the site, it will guide you on how to configure and use it.

Free unblocked proxy sites and a list of free proxy sites can be used to access sites which are blocked for users in a certain country or area. You can also search for the best free anonymous proxy server on your browsers and use it.