XML Beautifier

XML Beautifier cleans your dirty XML code easily. Enter or load your XML file and press the “Beautify XML” button to get instant results

The process of beautifying an XML file involves adding proper indentations to make the code more readable for the developers. This process isn’t easy for a developer to execute without facing hurdles because it demands accuracy. Therefore, the online XML beautifier has been developed for moving the task of beautifying XML codes towards automation. An advanced XML code beautifier works with a single click and provides users with the results instantly.

The algorithms used in developing our online XML beautifier perform the beautifying task at the back end and require no special or time-consuming input from the user’s end. The XML beautifier online utility on searchenginereports.net makes sure to provide users with quality results without making any changes to their uploaded XML documents.

Let’s look into an example of XML code with and without beautifying its structure.

Without beautifying:

XML Unbeautifier Code

With beautifying:

XML Beautifier Code

Whether you have a Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, or Linux device, you can use this XML beautifier without any interruption. This tool doesn’t ask the users to go through the registration process for accessing it. This tool’s user-friendly interface allows its users to beautify/prettify XML by following the simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Upload the XML code in the box provided on this tool. You can copy-paste XML, load XML URL, or browse the XML file from your device.
  2. Click on the “Beautify XML” button to initiate the prettifying process.
  3. Within seconds, the formatted version of your uploaded XML will be displayed on the screen. You can copy the beautified code or download the file to save it on your device.

This XML beautifier provides its users with top-notch features that make the beautifying process hassle-free. Some of the prominent features of this tool are discussed below.

Fast and Free:

The whole process of beautifying XML with our XML beautifier online tool doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds. As soon as the beautify button is pressed, the resultant file is generated and displayed instantaneously. XML beautifier is free of cost-utility that doesn’t charge a penny. You can use this tool for unlimited times without buying a premium version, unlike other tools.

Easy to use:

The user-friendly interface of this XML code beautifier allows the developers to prettify XML codes without putting any effort or learning skills to operate it.

Online utility:

It’s a web-based service that can be accessed through any device’s web browser. You don’t have to install an application or a plugin for using this online beautifier.

The process of adding indentations in an XML file is boring and time-consuming. You can avoid investing time in this hectic task by using an XML prettify tool that completes the same job in seconds. While prettifying an XML file manually, you might end up making several errors that will become a headache. This XML prettify is a trusted tool that provides users with 100% accurate results.

The XML code beautifier will provide you a prettified XML file that will be easy to read. You can make changes to the code and add new comments without coming across any intricacies. If multiple developers have worked on a single XML, it will make the file messy and hard to understand. The XML code beautify utility will resolve this query by transforming XML into a neat and clean code.