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Do you take care of the reputation of your site? Do you update it frequently to avoid de-ranking? All of us have various issues related to our websites that concern us. One of the big ones is losing its rank, which happens because of carelessness, especially when you fail to update the content of your site frequently. Our web page test tool is one of the best web analytics tools that can inform you of all the necessary details so you can check what you need to work on as soon as possible.

If you are not willing to go for paid keywords, then you should work on gathering some organic keywords because, without them, your site cannot have a starting point. If you don’t have keywords at all, then no road leads to a good rank. All the SEO is based on relevancy and how you market your services over the internet. Using keywords that aren’t relevant can bring chaos to your site; in other words, it means no traffic, no appearance in SERP and no rank.

So, what can you do to get a good analysis report for your site? Well, our website analyzer will let you know about your current stats which includes how much organic traffic you get, along with what your current rank is. The organic visitors find your site by using a general search query, unlike the paid traffic which is totally opposite to organic ones. If you know what exactly needs to be done in search engine optimization to get a better rank, then you don’t have to opt for paid keywords.

What can you do to make your website appear in SERP? First of all, get your site indexed and crawled after which you need is the Google Ads formerly known as Adwords. It’s a program where people bid on certain keywords so that their sites can appear in the search engine. Such visitors are also known as Paid traffic which is gained from paid keywords. If you think it doesn’t work, then you need to learn about the competitiveness of the keywords you choose, plus their relevancy to the content of your site.

Google Adwords is beneficial for all the businesses if you make the right choice of keywords otherwise bringing your webpage in front, using the keywords that aren’t related to your site in any way, can result in retribution. What is the best way to bring organic traffic? You need to give people exactly what they are looking for through search terms. You need to have quality material plus frequent updating of pages which contains blogs, services, and products to generate good website SEO analysis report.

With our web analyzer, you can gather all the information related to organic searches, paid searches, your sites rank, organic cost, AdWords cost, and PLA uniques/keywords. The PLA is a Product listing Advertisement, and it’s quite the opposite of how you pay for paid keywords, but if you are selling products, then it is an excellent option to go for.

Conducting on page SEO is one of the most effective ways to gain more traffic; it doesn’t require much; all you need is unique content with long and short tail keywords. Also, your site requires meta description because this is what explains the content on your site in a search engine page result. Make sure to use keywords that have relevancy because search engines now focus on the similarity between what a user is looking for and the content on the sites.

To get your site listed on other sites directories is good for running business, and you need to appear in local search results. If your site is listed on webpages that have good DA, then it won't only help it rank locally but also can get you a bunch of positive reviews and the sites with good domain authority can increase the chances of the appearance of your website in SERP as well.

Targeting the long tail keywords help you gain organic traffic, which is why it is the most preferred strategy of all. Plus, it also helps your site in ranking faster; in the beginning, if your site isn’t crawled, then it might take some time. Today people are using various methods of searching, one of which is voice search, so, it is better to choose the right long tail keywords to appear in the results of vocally made searches too.

Posting on social media can increase the performance of your site especially if it is related to business. Do you know? More than a billion searches are done on social media networks by people who are looking for products and services. This is the best way to drive your social media followers to your website, as it is free to create and post content on social media, your job is to simplify your products and services for your followers and the people who are looking for it and use the test my website tool to find the differences.

Create a blog page and update its content regularly without any repetition. If there’s any content similar to your old posts, then the best way would be using the Canonical tag. This tag can let the crawlers know that this post of yours is a master copy of another material. Also, allow commenting and posting because it is an excellent way to interact with people and you can learn if you are missing something.

When you are done reading the tips written above, run your site through our Website Checker tool to see what you need to work on. If the results of the website analysis report do not meet your expectations, then follow the tips given above and run the website SEO checker after a while to find some improvements.

Using the SEO site checker tools is as easy as pie. On the page of Website Checker, follow the steps given below to let this website scanner generate reviews for your site.

1. When you have located the field “Enter URL” in the test my site tool, all you have to do is write down the link to the page or site you want to learn about and click the button that says “Check Website Overview.”

2. After pressing the “Check Website Overview” button, the results will be displayed below the check website online tool.

3. The above results are shown when you check website status; the results contain all the information related to keywords and traffic that your website receives, along with your sites AdWords cost and if there is no rank then it means your site hasn’t been indexed.