PHP Formatter

PHP Formatter will format PHP code with proper indentation, spaces, and tabs to increase code readability. Please include <?php tag at first.

The PHP formatter is widely appreciated by the developers, students, and teachers who have to work with PHP codes on a regular basis. PHP is the most popular language among the developers’ community that is used worldwide to develop web applications. But, few people consider that it is challenging to manage PHP due to its extensive length. It requires considerable time and effort from the developer to arrange a complex PHP code.

However, with an online PHP formatter, you can beautify a lengthy and ambiguous PHP code within no time. Also, there is no need to make any effort from your side anymore, as a few taps on your device will allow you to format PHP code quickly.

You don’t have to follow any hard and fast rules and regulations to get assistance from this online PHP formatter. The following set of instructions will enable you to beautify PHP with this free online facility.

  1. After accessing this utility, you will see a box where you can copy/paste your PHP code. You can also click on the “Upload” button to upload your PHP file to this online facility.
  2. Once you are done with it, you need to hit the “Format PHP” to begin the process.
  3. Boom! You will get your formatted PHP within a matter of seconds.

PHP is the most useful language when it comes to developing websites and applications. It is mostly used in software houses, educational institutes, and IT research centers. The role of PHP beautifier is vital in all those places where PHP is used in developing an application. Some of the effective uses of PHP beautifiers are mentioned below.


You may have an idea that PHP is a core programming language that can be utilized to create a web-based application from scratch. The code of any such application usually consists of hundreds of lines that can be hard to read for a third person or a teammate. You can use this PHP formatting tool to beautify PHP with a few clicks on your device.

Making/Checking assignments:

Another effective use of PHP beautifier is in checking the educational assignments. Learning the basics of PHP is a primary subject to study for IT students. They may have to complete various assignments related to PHP coding to pass the subject. A PHP code beautifier assists you in making their code beautiful and readable for their instructors. Also, PHP code formatter is of great assistance for teachers as it can be used while checking their students’ work that sometimes becomes very hard to understand.

The following code will help you understand the working and significance of formatting PHP code in making your ambiguous code neat and clean.


<?php echo "Working of PHP Formatter: "; $i = 0; while ($i == 0) { echo ""; $i++;}



echo " Working of PHP Formatter: ";

$i = 0;

while ($i == 0) {

echo "";



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This top-notch online facility offers you great assistance in arranging your complex PHP code and turns it into an easy to understand shape. This PHP formatter gives you the following features that may help you in formatting your PHP.

Completely free tool:

You are not required to buy any premium membership or waste any money to access this online PHP formatter. This tool is entirely free to use, and there is also no trial period for using this PHP beautifier online.

No registration is required:

If you have a doubt in your mind that you may have to provide us with your personal information like email address, etc., then you don’t need to get worried. You don’t have to go through a sign-up procedure for using this PHP formatter online.

All platforms are welcome:

There is also no limitation of having a specific device or operating system for using this online code formatter. This online facility supports all operating systems and devices, and you can get access to this facility easily from any part of the planet.


No! You don’t have to install any application on your device to use this PHP code beautifier. You can get access to this online facility by visiting

This PHP code beautify tool is completely safe to use, and no third party can get access to the data you upload on our tool in any case.