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HTML formatter increases code readability with your desired indentation. Enter your messy or minified HTML code and easily beautify them with our HTML beautifier.

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The online HTML Formatter offered by enables you to beautify HTML without following any intricate process. You can get assistance from this online facility by going through this simple and straightforward set of instructions.

  1. Once you land on this utility’s page, you will see a box where you are supposed to enter your HTML code. You have the option to upload your HTML file by clicking on the “Upload” button or by simply copy/pasting it. The “Upload by URL” enables you to upload the HTML file by pasting the URL on this tool.
  2. After entering the data or uploading the file, click on the “Format HTML” button to start the magic.
  3. After a few minutes, you will get the formatting results.

We all know that HTML is one of the most useful languages when it comes to web designing. Mostly, the professionals use this language to create web pages and applications. However, there is a severe issue with the HTML coding, which is its length. You may have an idea that HTML language is based on tags, and a tag further consists of various attributes. So, as a whole, HTML code is mostly lengthy. This extensively large code sometimes becomes challenging to manage effectively. Also, it is difficult for a person to explain the code to people if the code is lengthy and complex.

Therefore, a developer needs to format Html so that anyone can read it without any complexity. That’s where an HTML formatter comes to serve you. You can use this online facility to beautify html code without making any manual effort. Only a few clicks on your device will enable you to arrange your HTML through this format HTML online tool. The main reason behind designing this online utility is to provide our valued users with a free facility to format HTML from any part of the planet without facing any hurdles.

As mentioned earlier, the length of HTML may consist of thousands of lines, and there is also a possibility that a team of web developers working on a single HTML code by dividing it into various portions. So, it becomes inevitable to beautify your HTML as you may have to share your portion with your mates in case of some error or suggestion. If your HTML is ambiguous, then it may become hard for them to read it, and it can have a negative impact on your professional skills.

So, the best way to overcome this problem is by using HTML beautifier online that allows you to format your code in a few seconds. HTML beautify tool will allow you to get your formatted results instantaneously, which can be shared with anyone later on without any restriction.

The indent in HTML means the space of text from the left or right margin to make HTML pretty . It is also used to separate a paragraph from the left or right margins. You may have knowledge that HTML code displays instantaneous results, even while coding, and you can see the output of your code simultaneously. The appropriate indents give your code a better and appealing look when it’s displayed on a webpage.

However, adequate indenting is not an easy task, specifically if you want to perform it after completing the code. But, the tool provided by this site will allow you to indent text in HTML within no time. You don’t have to buy any premium account, install any software on your device, or even take help from a professional to indent your text in HTML. This HTML formatter allows you to perform this task without investing any money or wasting time.

Example of HTML Formatter and HTML Beautifier

The following example will let you understand the working of an HTML formatter and HTML beautifier. You can see a major improvement in an HTML after beautifying it with an online HTML prettifier.

Unformatted Code

Unformatted Code

Beautified code

Beautified Code