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If you want to know what is Google PageRank then you have certainly come to the right place. Google PageRank Checker which is also known as PR checker is an important SEO tool for SEO experts and webmasters. First things first, it’s essential for you to become familiar with PageRank before you jump to PR checker. If SEO is your area of interest then it is obvious that you will come across this term at least once in your life. PR or Google PageRank is a numerical measure from 0 to 10 that evaluates the significance of a web page in accordance with Google which has a criteria that if a page rank score is 10 than it is very important whereas 0/10 page rank score is considered poor.

Page Rank which is named after Larry Page is a link analysis algorithm that Google uses to measure how many links are pointing to a particular website or web page and furthermore, the significance or quality of the pointing websites. There is a numerical scale where 0 indicates least significance while 10 implies high significance. There are some web owners who try to cheat the system by purchasing links back to their website to seek high page rank. However, these fake and low quality links are likely to have a negative impact and backfire by resulting in a lower Google page rank. Consequently, the website can also be blocked or penalized for such an act which leads to higher priority to web pages or sites with quality back links and human readable and valuable content.

It is essential for any webmaster for maintaining the health of the website to know the web page rank with the help of any quality PR Checker. This could be achieved simply by using a PR checker tool. PR Checker, as you may get a hint from the name, is a tool that you can use to find out the importance of a web page. It is one of the most critical factors that determines the ranking of web pages in the search engine results. The results given by PR Checker hold significance in the overall Google ranking. Hence, PR Checker is the tool that can assist in checking page rank for any web page.

Whenever you are using a PR checker for evaluating your PR, keep in mind that Google considers various different factors. The most important factor is the quality of the incoming links on a particular website. PageRank can be improved by getting better quality links.

Google PR Checker or Google PageRank Checker is one of the few approaches that you can utilize for determining the significance or relevance of a specific web page. Pages with higher significance tend to have higher PageRank and appear among the top search results of search engines. The Google ranking of any web page is estimated on the basis of its backlinks; Google PageRank is high when the backlinks are good. If you wish to enhance the Google PageRank for your page then the first step is to know where exactly does your page stands, which can be achieved by using any one of the so many PR Checker or Google PageRank Checker available tools.

There was a time when fining a PR Checker was difficult but today, there are many tools readily available over internet. Some PageRank Checker tools are free while others can require sign up or registration. What is it that makes our Google PageRank Checker different from others? It is simple, user-friendly, and fast; above all our PR Checker is FREE to use anywhere, anytime!!

Are you still wondering, what is Google PageRank and how does PageRank work? This is the question that you might still be having. Whether you here to check page rank or for a regular page ranking check? If you wish to know the Page Rank of a website with the help of our PR Checker or Google PageRank Checker, you should add URL of different pages and not just of the home page. Different PR value is given by Google PageRank Checker for each link. If you are planning on buying a “used” website or purchasing advertising, our free PR Checker or PageRank Checker can help you with an informed decision.

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We are sure that now you must know enough about what is Google PageRank or how does PageRank work using our efficient yet very simple Google PageRank Checker tool. Why not try it yourself? Use our Google PageRank Checker or PageRank Checker to check the page rank, NOW! However, do not leave without giving us your feedback.