MozRank Checker

A handy tool to learn about how you are doing in the SERP. Check your domain authority and your inbound and outbound links by writing the URL of the website in the address bar as mentioned, and tap the "Check Rank" switch.

Every website owner, master, and SEO wants to know how Google ranks websites. The Mozrank Checker does a good job of evaluating the authentic links of a website and scoring it. Google gives a lot of importance to website links. The more and useful links a site has to genuine and credible websites and the higher Google ranks it. Google also takes into account the traffic to a website and the traffic coming from links.

Now Google checks and ranks a website based on over 200 metrics and not just a handful. The page ranking criteria set by Google is a closely guarded secret, and SEO tool providers try and make educated guesses on how does it function. MozRank is Moz's version of Google page rank algorithm.

Moz uses a slightly different algorithm than Google to do website ranking. You can go to and from the SEO tools select Mozrank Checker'. After it runs the test, it will return your website's score.

Moz will tell you the importance and authority of your website. It checks the relevance of links to the website. The more authentic links to the website the better are one part of the score. Page hits to the website are also counted in the score. Traffic generated by the links to your website is another. All these scores are then combined and rated as your MozRank.

The number of high-quality link traffic to your site is the biggest factor in your Mozrank score. Mozrank ranks between 10 and 1. The higher the score, the better is your website ranking. It's easier to improve your ranking from 2 to 3 than from 8 to 9.

There are several things that you can do to improve your score. Since Moz examines your links and factors them in ranking, there are legal ways to improve your score.

First, think about joining a link exchange program - not illegal link farms. Illegal link farms may look inviting but should be shunned. Find a program that has similar interests as yours and exchange links with them.

Next, find some blog sites that allow external comments. Make sure that the blog site shares similar interests as yours. Start posting comments on the blogs from your site. Remember to enter your URL address when you post a comment.

If possible do a blog post for a popular and related blogger site. You can post blogs whenever you have the time.

By taking these small initiatives, you can run Mozrank checker again and see a difference. Your website ranking should start climbing. To answer the question what a good Mozrank is? An average website with moderate traffic and links should rank three on Mozrank.

Moz page authority is a score that predicts how well a website page ranks on search engine result pages (SERP). The score ranges from one to hundred. Moz collects the data from its sources like Mozscape web index, Mozrank, Moztrust and several other factors. It runs an algorithm based on these factors to compile the page authority.

You can boost your Mozrank score quite quickly by using popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can create accounts on both these social media platforms based on your domain name. Make sure that you link your website URL in your social media accounts. Create posts for both based on your business focus.

You can invite your friends to read posts on your Facebook site and like it. Yes, these do get counted in ranking your site's authority. If your friends read your posts and visit your site through the links, your traffic increases.

Make your posts chatty, conversational and engaging so that viewers read them with interest. They like your posts and start recommending them to their friends. That’s how your traffic increases. It is your target - to raise traffic to your website, and what better way than connecting with the masses.

Once you have your site is live, you must display patience. It takes time for even the most modern and sorts after websites to gain recognition and traffic. Keep on updating your website and creating new links to it. After your site has been running for a few weeks and you are getting the average traffic, you can run Mozrank checker provided by The report will display the URL, Domain Authority, and Moz rank.

Don’t worry if your site does not have a Moz rank. Remember it takes time for your website to generate traffic. You are in a worldwide market on the internet and not in a local market. Therefore expect the competition to be stiff. You will need a lot of patience and effort to start gaining domain authority and Moz ranking. If you are selling donuts in Arizona, you are competing against all the donut makers in the world. On the other hand, you own a globally popular newspaper site like Reuters; you can expect to have a top domain authority and Moz rank.

Yes, you can become the most popular website selling donuts in Arizona if you use the tricks of increasing traffic to your website on the strength of social media. You can run Mozrank checker anytime you want, as there's no limit. On the other hand, you cannot control or increase the number of visits Google pays to your website.

Try to better your MozRank and keep checking if the changes you are making are having an impact on it? If you see a change and your ranking moving upwards, that means you are on the right track. If over a period, you don’t see any change, you must rethink your strategy.

Gaining and improving ranking on Moz and Google are not easy. If your traffic and links grow, so will your popularity. You only need to indulge in this if you are competing internationally. If your website is based on a particular topic which is not very popular, don’t expect too much traffic or a high ranking.