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Learn about the ID of users on Facebook, which is today replaced by usernames. In the tool, copy and paste the URL of the profile you want to know the ID of and press the "Get Facebook ID" switch.

Enter Your Facebook profile / Page Link (i.e.

Ask any Facebook user if he or she know their Facebook ID. The majority will laugh and tell you their name. Very few people are aware of the fact that if you search find Facebook ID on any of the SEO tools sites; a numeric number is displayed. Yes, Facebook assigns all its users with a unique digital number.

When Facebook was launched everyone who was signing up was assigned a unique ID numeric number.

It started out with #0 which redirected every user to their page. Mark Zuckerberg the founder and owner of Facebook tested numbers 1-3, which no longer exist. Mark Zuckerberg Facebook ID number is 4.

Initially, Facebook assigned ID numbers in chunks. Harvard was assigned numbers 0-99,999. Similarly, other universities, colleges, and schools were designated chunks of numbers. Once Facebook started to expand beyond the student community, only Facebook knows how numbers are assigned. Facebook must be following certain rules in assigning unique numeric ID numbers, but no one knows what they are. We certainly know that there is no end to the number series, it's just that the length of the number increases. It's also said that the date of birth of a Facebook member exists in the numeric ID.

Facebook must have planned a strategy of allocating unique numeric ids. For example, if a user in America creates an account, and simultaneously a user in Ireland signs up, they won't be allocated sequential numbers. Perhaps Facebook has allocated chunks of numbers for each country in the world and allocates numbers country wise. Or they could have gone a step further and done the allocation based on areas. But no one asides from the Facebook team has the answer to this question.

Current users of Facebook don’t know that they have a unique Facebook ID which is a numeric number. They log into Facebook with their username and password and start using it. Facebook users now range in billions as Facebook has become the most popular social media in the world. Many companies have tried and failed to knock Facebook of its pedestal.

It was the future thinking of Mark Zuckerberg that has stopped Facebook from becoming a huge mess. Imagine if unique numbers were not assigned to everyone who created an account it would have become unmanageable.

Your search for a friend whom you have lost touch with for years. You know his or her name. When you enter the name what happens? Facebook will display a list of people with the same name.

Unless you don’t have any further information about the person you are trying to find, it becomes tough to locate the person. If you have the patience and want to see if this person is on Facebook, you have to click on every name, and if you are lucky, the person may have posted his or her picture in the profile. If they have not done that, it becomes a futile exercise. It's like searching for a person who has no postal address.

When you open and click on SEO tools, scroll down the icons, and you will see the icon Find Facebook ID. Or you can even scroll down the list of SEO tools on the right of the browser screen. Follow the instructions, and it will display your Facebook ID. Don’t be surprised if the ID number is in millions or looks something like this 10000938997824. In case an error is returned reenter your profile name correctly.

If you don’t know the profile name assigned to you since when you created your Facebook account you entered your first name, surname, email address, password, date of birth and gender. Open your Facebook page and on the top blue bar next to your profile picture will be your user name, home and find friends. Click on your name or profile picture, and it will take you to your profile page. Your username as registered and used by Facebook will be displayed in the navigation bar like:

When you use Find Facebook ID tool, you will have to enter this id. For example, you will enter:

It will return your Facebook numeric ID number.

Now that you know your Facebook numeric id what can you do with it? Type Facebook will open your profile page. If you were to enter:

It will churn out some code that will contain your ID number, name, first name, last name, gender, and locale and username. Each line of the code displayed will include an element of this information so that it won't be confusing.

If you want to see when you joined Facebook, scroll down the years in the right bar on your profile page, and the date will appear.

It's helpful to know your Facebook ID as you never know when you will need to use it. Of course, for most people, the Facebook ID number does not make any sense at all. They continue to use this unique social media site without knowing that their unique identifier is a number.

Some rumors are circulating as to what are Facebook's plans and will the Facebook ID number have any role in it. If Facebook were to develop a physical ID system and issue users with them, it would be ideal for marketing and very practical; let's say you could use your Facebook ID card to purchase an airline ticket or do your home shopping. A card that would be recognized quickly and usable across the world will be a huge help for Facebook users.

They would gladly want to sign up for a Facebook card as it would be so practical. Of course, the credit card companies would face stiff competition from this new entrant in the financial world. Facebook won't have to launch a massive campaign as they are so well known in the internet world.