Website Page Snooper

Learn about why you are not able to catch up to your competitors rank. Check what you are missing in your site by providing our website page snooper tool with the link of your rival’s webpage and click the “Check” switch.

Why do you need to conduct a site page snooper? Several reasons are there for this; you have run all the analytical tests on your competitors' site, and you still can't figure out why their sites are ranking better than yours.

Now you have several choices; hope that your competitors make a fatal mistake and their site crashes, or they go out of business, or you update your site and outrank them. If you decide to go for updating your site, which is a wise decision, you might want to examine the HTML of a competitor's site to see if they are using some tricks that your website is missing.

To do this, you require expertise in HTML. If you don't know the language, you will be viewing pages and pages of code and won't understand them. Therefore get an SEO or someone who knows this language to review the code with you. Any website that you visit if you click the right button on the mouse and select 'view source,' the HTML source code of the page will be displayed.

In case you want to learn HTML, you can download HTML web page examples with source code. From here you can learn about HTML and how the source code command sets are, and how they are used in web pages.

You can run website-page-snooper to check the source of your website or any other website. Every website page snooper tool displays the website source code with color tags. For example, website-page-snooper uses blue for identifying HTML tags, red to identify parameters and green for values.

You can learn how to view the source code on Google Chrome. Open Google Chrome; navigate to the webpage you want to view. Click on customize and control icon in the upper right-hand corner of the browser window, from the drop-down menu select 'More' then Develop tools. You can also press Ctrl + O to navigate to the page you want to open. Select the page and click Open.

If you enter the URL the entire website's HTML source code will be displayed. Now, this can be hard to decipher and follow. Therefore it would be better to open an individual page; examine its source code; note the most important points. You can also use the online WYSIWYG HTML editor if you want to copy code from an HTML source code.

If you are having a problem on an individual page on your site; examine its HTML source and sort out the error.

If you are testing a complete internet site, it would be wise to start from the top. It means that you first check the source code of the home page. If it has several menu items, examine each page individually and study the code. By following this route and taking notes as you conduct your examination of the code, you will be able to compare it with your source code.

Remember you are looking at a competitor's website, you can study it, but you cannot make any changes to it. Every website's source code is protected yes you can see it, review it, but cannot change it. If there was no protection, the internet would be a total mess and would have been discarded.

If you know HTML then you can see the weaknesses in your website source with website page snooper. If you are the website master and have 'administer' rights, then you can make changes to the code and upload it. You can see the impact of the changes immediately.

After snooping and studying a competitor's source, you can gain ideas for improving your website. But you must know exactly where and how to incorporate the changes. If you are an HTML master, then you won't have any problems. But a word of caution here; don’t ever implement changes right across the website. Make incremental changes. Follow the golden rule: change, test, change, test and move on.

In case you make a mistake you always know where you have made changes and you can quickly rectify them.

Some governments assign agencies to snoop from websites and see what they are up. Governments want to stop bad publicity and want to muzzle dissent. Wiki-leaks created a huge problem and put the US government in a bad position. All their secret communications were revealed to the world. There internal and external reputation was severely damaged.

Similarly, people want to retain their online privacy. It is especially a problem with social media making such a huge impact on the way people communicate with each other. One simple but controversial solution is to use a Virtual Private Network. All your traffic is routed via the VPN which can cause your site access to slowdown. However, VPN is controversial.

If put to proper use a website page snooper can be a very useful tool to have in your SEO toolkit. When selecting which website page snooper to use, make sure you choose the right one. If a website page snooper displays the HTML code without and color code, it will be very confusing and difficult to use.

Use the website page snooper first on your website. Study it page-wise, and you might discover tiny pieces of code that are missing on your site. Install them and see the results. For example, you may not have qualified your links or pointed them to the right websites and Google is not indexing them. Or there are some problems with your internal links. or you find a new HTML trick that you incorporate in your code.

Once you change the HTML code, you will see the changes once Google swings by and takes a fresh snapshot of the site. You will see the impact, and hopefully, the ranking of your site will improve.