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Have a URL that is too long to be shared in an instant messaging service? Let our tool build a small version for it. Copy/paste the long link of the page in the program and press the “Shorten URL” link to generate a shareable URL.

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Short URLs are treated differently, and more than fifty percent of people trust them, whereas long URL with several special characters is disliked because of its ugly appearance. No doubt, after opening the short URL they are redirected to that long URL, but nobody except for learning about the domain name actually checks out the complete address in the bar. With the assistance of our URL shortener, you can give that long link of your website a short version, which can be posted anywhere on the internet for promotional causes.

The links break if you are trying to send them via instant messaging service because many chat engines still have a character limit and doesn’t send suspicious messages because of so many characters in a horrible sequence. Our custom URL shortener can let you give those lengthy URLs a short form in order to share them on different social media platforms for marketing purposes. Usually, the social sites take the original snapshot of the site behind the URL, thus making it more clickable and trustable.

You can utilize our small URL converter tool to generate as many short links as you desire. Promote all your pages with the support of our tool without showing people those long weird URLs. There are no conditions or hidden charges, and the most amazing part, it doesn’t even require you to sign up. Although, it is up to you if you wish to receive updates on future upgrades on our site and blogs.

The most common technique used to share the link of a website (on which nobody would like to click after finding the involvement of unusual characters) is through the support of a URL shortener tool. It can let you create short URL of the poorly shaped link. On most of the websites, these links are not treated with the same importance because several sites are misusing this method in promoting malicious material.

It’s easier for regular internet users to learn about the URL behind the shorter formation. But, people who are new to this world or netizens that only use social platforms are entirely unaware of this situation. These people can easily become manipulated, and people on these networks can acquire their personal information effortlessly.

There are two types of short URLs: one is to connect the links permanently, and the other is temporary, there are very fewer websites that use the permanent redirection. The cause is their site is well ranked, and when a brand name shares a short URL on social service, people interested in that product will definitely open the URL without suspicion. Newly developed sites, however, cannot be trusted and have to use different means for promoting their brand before using this channel. Still, they can utilize the temporary short URL version for sharing it between friends.

A domain that is related to the material of the page assists people and search engines in understanding the content it contains. If the name of the website is not related to the material it includes, then it can be quite confusing for search engines. And hence, your site will not appear in SERPS (search engine results page). If you are planning to work on it through organic SEO, you will need to add a lot of flavors to your struggle as it is entirely an unpaid method, and will require a lot more time and patience. This technique:

- Does Not Affect Your Current SEO efforts

Your original version of the website remains where it is along with all your applied search engine optimization means. It is a simple redirection method which masks your website and doesn’t let people learn about the actual URL unless they open it.

- Does Not Give you a permanent URL

It is a better option because temporary URLs expire after a certain period of time, and their purpose is served when you share it. On the other hand, permanent URLs are used by famous trademarks and therefore is not a viable option for websites that just stepped into the competition.

- Transforms Your lengthy URL To A Smaller Readable Form

Changes your URL’s structure, making it more reliable and understandable. Fifty percent of the people on the internet avoid clicking on lengthy URLs because they appear spammy.

- Can Be Used In Marketing Scheme

Share the shortened link on different networks, make it a part of your marketing tactic. Because, most of the social sites today check for viruses before letting you share the link, which adds more to its trustworthiness.

There is another reason for avoiding short permanent URLs, if the service that allotted you a permanent URL goes down for a day or completely, it will have a substantial negative impact on the traffic of your website. The link will break, and all the hard work you put into use for sharing that URL on the internet will disappear in an instant. For this vital reason, it is essential to use our custom URL shortener to produce small links for a short amount of time for sharing purposes.

You can begin with adding your primary keyword to your domain name, to give your SEO a starting point. Rest all depends on the choice of your keywords because the more longtail keywords you use, the better. However, do not involve more than two to three percent of keywords in the content of your entire page. It’s the percentage suggested by webmasters because many websites were penalized for overstuffing keywords in their content. Nonetheless, it lets you rank faster, but when Google finds out about your black hat technique, there’s no escape from the penalties of search engines.

You won’t find it complicated to use as this guide will assist you in generating a small URL. Our free URL shortener will contract your wordy URL and give it a clearer formation. Create short URL by reading the steps given below:

1. On the page of our best URL shortener tool you will find a small address bar inside the program that says “Enter URL,” this is where you will be pasting the link of your website as shown in the image:

2. After writing or pasting domain in the field press the “Check” button and the tool will create tiny URL for your website address.