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Our online video downloader can download videos in high quality from various social media platforms. Enter the URL of the video and press the "Download Video" button to get the results you need.

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The primary motive of the online video downloader is to let you download video from a website in HD quality without any trouble. Now, what kind of inconvenience we are talking about? Well, videos have restrictions on downloading which is why most of the downloaders fail to fetch videos from the servers.

We allow you to download video from URL to get rid of the ads that interrupt your interest in the video or if you have a shortage of time then watch it later. Plus the annoying features like auto-playing the next videos, and unskippable ads make a worse user experience. Each year due to this reason, people who watch television for entertainment purposes are moving to computers and smartphones to watch their favorite videos at any time of the day. So that they don’t have to watch those time-consuming and uninteresting advertisements. Our online downloader helps to download TV shows, and sports programs from a variety of websites.


Video downloading has never been easier! If you are confused about how to download videos online that you can watch later without any interruption, then don’t worry. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Enter the URL of the video.
  2. Press the “Download Video” button.
  3. Choose video resolution between 1080p, 720p, 480p, 380p, 240p or 140p.
  4. Get your desired video in a click and hit the “Start New Search” button for more downloading.


Let’s have a look at some of the features of our video saver:

Unlimited Downloading

Our tool helps users to download multiple videos as there is no fixed limit on downloading. A user can download any video as long as their device has enough storage.

Download High Quality Video

The majority of videos are in MP4 format and are available in SD, HD, Full HD, 2K, and 4K resolutions. The video quality is determined by the uploaded file. This video link downloader allows users to download video online in all the resolutions including 1440p, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, and 240p. Enjoy watching high-definition videos on your mobile, PC, or any other device.

Download video from a website

Download video from any website like Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many more.

User-friendly interface

This web-based tool is a one-click go service that doesn’t annoy any of its users. No special skills need to be acquired for using this video saver.

Safe and High Speed

Our tool is safe to use and users can download HD videos in a few seconds depending on the length and resolution of the video. Our video downloader online adapts to the speed of your internet and offers the best downloading experience.

No Installation Required

You don't have to install any extension, plug-in, or software for using this free video downloader. All you need is an internet connection to gain free access to this utility.

Compatible with multiple web browsers & OS

Our online video downloader for PC or android is fully compatible with all popular browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, etc. It downloads all videos in a speedy and smooth way depending upon the size and resolution of the video. Our online downloader supports both Windows and Mac operating systems and allows users to save videos easily.

Save video to your Device

Our Videos online downloader directly saves videos for a lifetime. You only have to choose the folder from your PC or mobile where you want to store that video.

Support Multiple Social Media Platforms

Capture wide range of videos from popular social media platforms like Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and Dalimotion. There is no need to use another tool when you have to save videos from multiple sites at once. However, if you specifically want to download Facebook videos then you can use our Facebook video downloader.


Downloading a video or streaming it online, both options have some pros and cons. But after analyzing both sides, downloading is a much better option due to several reasons. One of the main reasons for saving videos offline is that you can create your own E-library for downloaded videos and watch them later again & again without worrying about data charges that will be incurred in streaming.

Moreover, if you are using any video downloader for PC or phone it will take a couple of seconds for downloading your video. Whereas, for watching a video online, you will have to wait for it to get buffered. If your internet connection isn’t stable, then it can take several minutes to watch a short clip. You will have to waste time if you wish to watch the same video again online. Here this tool can assist you to download videos by URL to save you from any hassle.


If you download online videos, you got multiple benefits for free such as:

Watch Offline

You can play videos when the internet is not available, as the video will be saved in your device’s storage. You can watch videos thousands of times without an internet connection.

Sustain Video Quality

While watching videos online, the quality doesn’t stay the same due to shifts in internet speed. The quality of the downloaded video will remain the same by using our video saver.

Save Time & Money

This video link downloader will save your time and money. You will not have to spend the extra time that might be wasted on streaming videos because it usually takes a couple of minutes to get loaded.


Downloading a video is essential for learners as they can listen and watch the lectures, again and again, to make their concepts clear. The students who are taking online classes might find it difficult to learn the concept being taught by the professor. However, after the class, the professor provides a downloadable video that can be saved on devices to watch later, and the lives of students would become easier.

Moreover, many students in the class are not fast learners as they need to revise the same thing twice or thrice for a better understanding. MP4 downloading is essential for these students as they might not be able to learn it after watching the video once. Some students often make notes by playing that video frequently but it takes a lot of time. If you have a shortage of time then use a speech to text online tool. You only have to open the tool and play the video and the tool performs the rest of the work.


Is the selected video converted into a better resolution?

No, because the videos that have a 480p or less resolution cannot be changed to 1080p which is also known as HD. If the site's server doesn’t have that quality range. So, you need to check it by playing the video and clicking on where it says change resolution or any other relevant option.

Is it legal or illegal to download videos?

One question that often occurs in our minds is whether downloading a video from any social media platform is legal or illegal? So, if you’re downloading videos for your personal use, then you’re probably not doing anything illegal. Our free video downloader professional does not download those videos that have privacy or copyright issues.

Can I Change the Quality of Video Before Downloading?

Yes, our tool allows the user to choose their desired video quality before downloading it.

Which is the best video downloading site?

All video downloader by is best for downloading videos as it is absolutely free. Gives high-quality videos and instant downloads.