Instant Search Suggestions Tool

Find out what people are looking for, relevant to the keywords on your website, for building a sound SEO strategy. Write your primary keyword for the product or service in the search field, and the tool will begin providing suggestions based on all popular search engines.

When we start to do a search in any browser, it starts suggesting words complete the search sentence. It’s a beneficial tool as it saves users from having to type the entire sentence. Having access to instant search suggestions not only helps users in finding a website but is also a great help for internet marketers, bloggers, and content writers.

Google launched its search auto-complete suggestion tool in 2010 and users started using this tool extensively. It helped them in finding what they were looking. It was followed by other popular sites like Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Yahoo and Bing launching their instant search suggestion tools.

Instant search suggestion tools help bloggers, post, content writers and internet marketers to see the popular searches that people conduct on the internet for a particular product or service. By placing the suggested keywords, they can then use them in their content or site title.

When search engines robots crawl the site, they will spot the keywords used in the content and index the site. It, in turn, will improve the site’s ranking. This additional visibility of the site in a search engine’s ranking is what all website owners and internet marketers want to achieve.

Yes, instant search suggestions are constructive for writing titles and content for blog posts and web content. A good instant search suggestion tool will show the popular searches made by people on various websites. It can help writers in targeting their audience by placing the suggested keywords cleverly in their posts and content.

People often forget the spellings of tricky or seldom used words. For example, if a user wants to find sites for cricket matches played in Edgbaston and entered Edgbaston in the search and does not get any assistance, he or she won’t find what they are looking for. It is where search suggestions can be very helpful.

Search suggestions not only help users in finding the sites they want to visit but also help website managers and SEOs. For example, if a website carries latest news items of a particular sector (dairy products) in a country (Denmark) and has not mentioned the keywords ‘dairy products news’ of ‘Denmark’ in the title or meta description the site will not be visible to the search engines. If the content writer or website master has ensured that the keywords are in the website, it will become visible.

Search suggestions are a great help for targeting viewers and bettering the ranking of a website.

Search suggestions are a great help but can be misused by scammers. For example, Stella Shoes Miami announces a special sale and post’s it on their website. Visitors are searching for shoe sales in Miami spot the Stella sale and get excited about it. But some scammers decide to place some blog posts on various sites titled Stella Shoes Miami Scam Sale and similar titles across various sites. Now, what will happen that when a visitor who has heard about the Stella Shoes Miami Special Sale starts searching for it on a browser and the browser in the suggested words prompts ‘Stella Shoes Miami Sale Scam’ and ‘Stella shoes Miami Sale rip off.'

The visitor’s curiosity gets raised, and they are going to visit these sites. The reason for this is that the search engine’s suggested search has picked up these scam sites and is now displaying them in suggested words.

It can have a disastrous impact on the original’s site’s business reputation and drive away prospective buyers.

Since Google started search suggestion in 2010, let’s see how it works. Google search suggestions are quite helpful as they save time by suggesting the words the visitor is looking for. The suggestions are interesting however at times as mentioned earlier; negative things can start appearing. It can cause concerns as a business’s reputation is at stake. Such practices are ‘Black Hat, ’ and Google takes measures to ensure such instances are minimized.

On the positive side suggested search queries can become a brand. Searches starting with ‘seo’ would suggest Seoul, the capital of Korea. It used to happen before SEO became a hot topic and now when you enter ‘seo,' SEO related sites are suggested. Whereas the SEO market gets a boost from the suggested word, visitors seeking information on Seoul have to enter the complete word before Google suggests ‘Seoul weather,' Seoul Time’ and similar suggestions.

Google base suggested words on search volume and geographical location of visitors. Search suggestions popup based on the visitor's search history and geographical location. You can turn on turn on Google search suggestions and also turn off Google suggestions chrome.

Instant search suggestions should be comprehensive, only then are they useful for SEOs and content writers. An excellent Instant Search Suggestions tool is available on Just visit the site and click on the ‘Free SEO Tools’ icon. Scroll down the list of SEO tools icons till you spot Instant Search Suggestions. Click on it and start typing the words and suggestions from popular search engines like; Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay will be displayed.

The lists of the suggested words will be quite comprehensive. For example, if you type in ‘renewable energy’ you will see lists of suggested keywords. Now depending on your target audience, you can use the suggested words.

If you want to advertise a site, you can look at the suggested words from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you want to host a video on YouTube, you can use the suggested keywords for that. If you plan on selling items or books, you can use the Amazon suggested words. For selling new or used items on eBay, you can use the words suggested under it.

You can change the words you have entered and get more suggestions. It’s a free and convenient tool. It’s a great tool for SEOs and webmasters to improve their websites visibility on search engines.