Check out the top ten, twenty, fifty, or hundred apps in the Play Store or App Store. All you need to do is select the country, type, category, max search results, and press the “Track Now” button below the tool.

Max results

SEOs and webmasters are always looking for tools to improve the ranking of their websites. An Apps rank tracking tool is handy for tracking free and paid iOS apps. Everyone knows since Apple launched its smartphone every smartphone maker has raced to compete with it. On the operating system, Google is Apple’s main competitor. All the competitors like Samsung; Sony etc. use Google’s operating system on their Android phones.

Apple is the leader in smartphones and every year when they announce the launch of the new model millions of people line up to purchase it. Asides from chatting, watching movies and playing games or listening to music, smartphones are used to surf the internet. It implies that all websites should be easy to access on smartphones. It is where website designers and SEOs need to play their role in ensuring that smartphone browsers can easily display their websites.

There are some reasons why SEOs need an apps rank tracking tool. Every SEO and internet marketer wants to know the ranking of apps in different search engines. You cannot even think of undertaking to do this manually, as you would spend hours. By the time you would have compiled your list and ready to insert them in your websites other sites would have appeared.

Today there are tools on the internet that you can use to list the top free and paid apps by rank. It is an excellent tool for internet marketers and SEOs as they would like to know which apps are free and which are not. With a good apps rank tracking tool you can get the top 50 free apps and then work on a plan of inserting some or at least the top ten or fifteen in your website.

Now an SEO or internet marketers do not have to spend hours searching for top free and paid apps. The iOS app ranking tool is available on and is a free and handy tool to use. It’s not a free rank tracker and should not be mistaken as one.

Website rank tracking and apps rank tracking are two different applications and perform various tasks. Website rank tracking tools show the overall ranking of a website in Google or Alexa or both. On the other hand, an apps rank tracking tool shows the top apps available to be used on a website.

Every website owner will push his or her SEO to use all possible methods to get their website to rank among the top in search browsers ranking. Google being the most popular browser in use on laptops, tablets and android phones is the primary target of SEOs in bettering their website ranking.

But there are millions of Apple IPhone, IPod, IPad and Apple laptop and desktop users. Apple’s version of the browser is Safari. Therefore SEOs cannot ignore such a huge market of internet users. They have to look for the popular apps on these devices and utilize them to increase their market reach.

Social media has revolutionized the internet and today there are millions of active social media users around the world. Social media allows people to post their comments freely without any intervention. Also, it’s become so much simpler and easier to post a comment on any of the social media sites. Mobile and smartphones allow people to capture an image instantly of any incident on the inbuilt camera of the device; write a comment on it and post it on any one of the social media sites.

Therefore if linking a website with a free social media app is available a website master or SEO should integrate it. Linking a website to social media gives it greater visibility which translates into more traffic.

This is a very handy and easy tool to use, especially if you plan to target the iOS users market. Open in the browser and click on ‘Free SEO Tools.' Scroll down the SEO icons till you spot the apps rank tracking tool. Click on it and:

  1. Select from over 190 countries in the list
  2. Select from a list of 8 Types of Apps
  3. Select your category of Interest
  4. Select the maximum number of results you want to be displayed
  5. Click Submit.

Within seconds a list will be displayed depending on your selection criteria. You can then click on any one of the sites in the displayed list and read their terms and conditions. If you think an app will help your website’s reach and marketability, you can download it and install it on your website.

The Type of Apps is Apple devices apps. Like iOS and IPad apps. The types are categorized as ‘Free,' ‘Paid’ and ‘Top Grossing’ apps. You are free to select one type, review the results and then run it again selecting a different type of app.

You are free to use this tool as many times as you want and with any combination of categories, countries, and type. This tool will help you to select the type of apps that you want to download and install on your website.

As a trend SEOs and webmasters tend to forget that there are a fairly large number of Apple device users worldwide and a website should also focus on them. The Apple IPhone, IPad, Mac book and Air book are easily the most expensive devices in their categories, and no website owner or manager can ignore them.

Here exists a huge potential market and if a website can make inroads into it what more could they want. Most of the top social media sites apps are free on Apple devices, and you should install them on your website. Comments on these sites can help in boosting the ranking of a website and should not be ignored.

SEOs and webmasters to take this free opportunity to utilize this free and handy tool.