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Using the Social Status Checker enables you to learn about how well your site is doing on social networks. Paste the URL of your website in the “Enter URL” field and click the “Check Status” button.

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Every SEO knows that to achieve a higher website ranking on search engines, it has to be connected to one or more social media sites. SEOs and webmasters must periodically check the social status of their websites and that of their competitors. It is where a social status checker tool becomes handy. They should know how much traffic is being generated from social media network links.

The internet today has taken over how a huge majority of people conduct business, watch their favorite movies, listen to music and interact with other people. Social media has become a universal platform for people to communicate with others, share their thoughts, feelings, incidents and even their innermost personal thoughts. In fact, social media has spread to such an extent that some people cannot imagine facing or existing in a world without social media.

Recent studies indicate people now spend more time on social networking websites than other websites. Another reason for the popularity of social media sites is that they are free to use.

Social media sites play an important role for websites that are trying to promote their businesses. If people like a product or service they will post it on social media. From here other people will read the post and explore the website which has been praised.

Every business understands the importance of the social media networks and has their sites on social media. People who like their sites on social media are encouraged to visit the main website via links posted on the site.

In today’s world with smartphones and tablets becoming a major communication device for people. Social media and the internet are always present for users to use regardless of wherever they may be located geographically. If you get a signal on the device, you are connected and can communicate with whoever you want to.

Facebook is perhaps the best known social media site in the world. Users have to register themselves; which is quite a simple process and takes seconds to complete. After which they can find their friends, colleagues, family and upload pictures, videos, send public and private messages to their friends. ‘Friends’ is the term used by Facebook to describe a users group on the site. Facebook users stay in constant touch with family and friends.

Twitter is a free microblogging service. Registered members are permitted to broadcast short messages called ‘tweets.' Twitter members can send their short messages and can follow other members’ tweets. Previously Twitter was limited to short posts, but now a member can add a picture to the post.

We all know Google is the leading search engine in the world. Google+ is commonly pronounced as Google plus and is an online social network. It has been designed to replicate how people interact with each other offline. Google Plus slogan is “Real-life sharing rethought for the web.”

LinkedIn is a social network designed specifically for the business community. Members post their qualifications, job titles, etc. on the site. This platform allows them to interact with other members who share their interests, and exchange notes. It allows members to connect with other professionals in the same line of work.

Pinterest is a social site for sharing online images. Pinterest requires members to attach a brief description of the image they upload. Clicking on an image will take you to the original website from where the image and post have been uploaded. An image of a croissant may take you to a bakery that makes them. Or it can take you to a site which has the recipe.

Reddit is a social news website. On this site, news members steward and promote items uploaded by other members. The site has hundreds of sub-communities whose job is to handle specific topics like, science, technology, politics, movies music, etc. these sub-communities members known as ‘subreddits,' seek out items of interest in their area of specialization and other members vote on it. That item is then posted on Reddit’s main page.

StumbleUpon was created in 2001 and is a discovery engine. It finds and recommends websites to users based on their interests. It permits users to discover and rate websites, pictures, and videos matching their tastes. It operates on social networking principles.

With the proliferation of social media networks, business houses have recognized its importance. Social media analytics is used to gather information from social media websites and blogs and is analyzed to make business decisions. Digital marketing is used to promote business on social media and now ranking on social media has become as important as ranking on search engines. Social media makes it easy for customers to interact with companies. They can tell them how to improve their products or services. Give ideas for new products.

Nowadays, checking social status is as important as checking website ranking. All you need to do to check your website’s social status is to go to On the site click the ‘Free SEO Tools’ icon. Scroll down the list till you spot the Social Status Checker icon and click it.

The page will ask you to enter the URL of the website. Enter that and it will display the social status of the website on:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • StumbleUpon
  • LinkedIn

With this information you can see how well is your website performing on social media. You can also check the social media traffic of your competitors. With this information you can make changes in your business strategy to promote your business.

Social status checker is a very handy tool for webmasters, site owners and SEOs. Social media has taken over the way businesses communicate with customers. If customers are happy with what you are selling you can prompt them to promote you. It’s now so easy to communicate with your supporters and detractors. You can improve your products and streamline sales based on their feedback.

You should use social status checker to keep a watch on your social media feedback.