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Pokémon is an insanely popular franchise with an extremely long and popular history. Pokémon Go is an online game, and at any point in time, millions of people around the world will be playing it. In case the game freezes and stops, and after the player has stopped venting his or her anger, he or she will want to check Pokémon go server status.

When you play the game your job is first to capture the monsters that turn up in the most unexpected places and train them. Then you use them to fight battles against other gamers. Pokémon has been around a long time even before tablets and smartphones came into vogue. The original Pokémon games were played on the Nintendo Box. In Pokémon, monsters roam the earth and turn up like Charmander in a supermarket, or Digletts are hanging on to a steering wheel or Magikarp on a frying pan.

Yes, the monsters have funny names and only the players know their names.

The latest version of Pokémon Go is a free to play mobile version. You don’t need a Nintendo box to play this game. The game franchise saw the popularity of the smartphones and knew that to keep their game afloat and popular they would need to come out with a mobile version, which they have done.

It's free to download on Android and iOS for Apple, and you can start playing immediately. The game works by using your GPS to get you real time location. The game has several options to choose from you can team up with other players, digitize yourself with customized clothing. You need money to play the game. You can buy what in Pokémon language is called PokeCoins. You need these coins to purchase Pokeballs. This is the weapon you need to catch Pokémon. You don’t spend real time but what you do spend in time and energy.

It’s a very catchy game, and if you see people in a huddle intensely tapping on their mobile phones, you can be sure they are playing Pokémon Go. If a player suddenly pulls out his or her phone in the most unexpected places and starts frantically tapping on it. Don’t worry it’s not an emergency he or she has run into a monster and is trying to catch it. Yes, they catch people at the most unexpected places. Remember you need GPS, so your mobile phone is being tracked.

You can go to your favorite coffee shop or diner or gym and battle it out with other players. Pokémon GO is insanely catchy, and once a player gets hooked on, there’s no turning back. Pokémon Go players get a chance to meet total strangers, and they can form friendships with them. Pokémon Go players refer to each other as ‘trainers’ as they are all involved in catching and training these crazy, unpredictable monsters. If you stopped and heard the trainers talking among themselves, you would think they are speaking gibberish. But that’s not the case; the monsters on Pokémon Go have funny and catchy names. Of course, the ultimate game is to capture and train all of them. This may sound a bit undoable, but the race is on. People who play Pokémon Go also exchange notes on social media sites. Put a question about it on Facebook, and you will be flooded with replies.

The game is very catchy especially for people who grew up playing the earlier versions of it. Pokémon Go makes people get up and go out, meet other players with whom you share a common passion and goal.

What do players need? A smartphone, Pokémon Go downloaded and ready to play, the mobile phone’s GPS must be on and plenty of mobile battery power. These are the essential requirements for the player. If you are using a cellular plan, then you need to have an open data as Pokémon Go is heavy on data consumption. The game can consume 2 to 8 Megabytes of data per hour. Playing continuously with the GPS on means, it’s going to drain the mobile phone battery. Players must carry a spare battery with them or remain plugged into a power source. Also, switch of the Bluetooth services and lower the screen brightness to get more playing time.

Should the game stop suddenly go to the browser on the mobile phone and navigate to searchenginereports.net. Click on ‘Free SEO Tools’ and scroll down the icons till you see the Pokémon Go Server Status icon. Click on it, and in seconds it will tell you if the Pokémon servers in the area are up or down.

If you were playing and not moving around it means that the servers of the area have gone down. So, take a break and check after some time. If you are traveling, it can mean that the Pokémon servers in the area you are traveling through may be down.

The Pokémon servers can also be down if there is heavy traffic on them. Although the servers setup by the franchise know the expected traffic and have installed servers that can handle the load quite efficiently, technical issues can crop up and take the servers down.

It’s not only the servers that handle the Pokémon Go game which is involved in providing the game to players. Other equipment like switches, routers, fiber optic cables, modems and receive and transmit transmission equipment is also involved. The franchise knows the popularity of their game and has their centers placed around the globe in virtually every country. In heavily populated areas they have more than one data center providing the service.

Pokémon Go keeps growing in popularity, and every day thousands of new players get hooked on to the game. The reason for this is that, it’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s a great way to spend your time. Of course, like any other addiction, it has its downsides also.

The player ignores necessary work and chores, and students can cut classes, don’t turn in assignments and homework in time.