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4 Effective Keyword Research Tips in 2020

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Keyword research is highly productive, yet one of the most ignored elements of SEO as most of us think that we can choose the keywords for our site naturally through our marketing instincts. However, without proper and effective keyword research, you may not correctly execute your search marketing campaign because it enables you to discover the phrases and words that visitors mention in the search engines while looking for something relevant to your niche.

Now, as you might have got an idea of the significance of researching keywords, so let’s look into the tips which can assist you in this process.

Build Up a List of Words Relevant to Your Business

The most crucial step is to build an extensive seed list of words related to your niche, which you wish to target. You do not have to get specified on this step and just gather terms that target visitors might be searching. The critical point here is to think from your potential visitors’ point of view while writing the words. For instance, if you have a clothing website, then you can divide your topics for men, women, and then their types of clothes. 

You can utilize an Excel spreadsheet to build a list of topics and their related keywords. It’s essential to make a separate list on each topic of your website, or else, you might end up mixing them, and it would take a lot of time to sort out this mess.

Utilize Online Keyword Planning Tools

The Keyword planning tools can lead your site to success by expanding your keyword list and giving you various analyses. Different tools like keyword density checker, live keyword analysis, keyword suggestion tool, keyword rank checker tool, and keyword research tool are available on our site to provide you with the authentic results.

You can remove the keywords that will not generate considerable outcomes, which will ultimately save your time and efforts. These tools will help you in finding out the competition you will face against the keywords you are targeting, their search volume, and much more.

Understand The Concept of Long Tail Keywords

Today, people do not write a single word on search engines and prefer long phrases which perfectly describes their requirement. Instead of concentrating on individual words, choose the long keywords as they can generate better results. The good thing about these keywords is that they have less competition, so it’s the best time to search these terms and integrate them into your web content. Finding out long-tail keywords is no more a hectic task, as you have free access to the long tail keyword suggestion tool. 

Watch Out Your Competitors

Watching out competitors is a whole new story in keyword research. You might be thinking that you will have to write down the keywords used in competitors’ sites, and use them in your site’s content.  You should also check competitor backlinks from where they are creating opportunities to rank up.

No, that’s not the case here!

The keywords that have helped your competitors in achieving the top rank in SERP might not be of any benefit to your site. Here, you have to find the keywords that your competitors have missed out. These keywords might have a lower search volume, but it would be easier to take your website on the first rank in SERP against them. 


These four tips mentioned above can help you in conducting effective keyword research for your website in 2020. Remember, keywords shouldn’t be used unnaturally in the content of your website, and there should be no overstuffing. And when talking about the content, it should always be unique and original. And for this surety, we have a free plagiarism checker for you.

At one time, overstuffing keywords helped many sites in achieving top rankings on search engines, but now, it is considered as the black hat SEO tactic. Therefore, your job isn’t done after conducting keyword research, as the much more arduous task of adjusting them naturally in the content is waiting for you.