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How are SEO Writing Problems Solved?

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So we are going to talk about the different SEO problems faced by content writers these days. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important things these days, and you cannot get good ranking and business if your content has low SEO. So today we are going to discuss the top SEO problems that are not common among people of the writing fraternity, and so they end up getting a bad reputation while talking in terms of bad ranking by the search engines!

The problems that we are going to discuss today are the following:

  1. Navigation of SEO
  2. Google penalties

Before talking about the problems in detail, let us talk about the top SEO factors that you should consider!

  1. Mobile-friendly
  2. Inbound links
  3. Content quality


If we talk about mobile-friendly content, then most of the websites are market as the top ones to take this into consideration. We talked about some SEO experts, and they told us that this feature is the top consideration of almost all website owners and if you want your website to be on the top then it is important that you consider it too. You can check your pages for mobile with this Mobile Friendly Test. The site should be accessible by the mobile in such a way that it can be tested on the Google’ test page!

Inbound Links!

The second most important factor that you guys need to consider while thinking about SEO strategies is inbound links. When we talked to the experts of SEO, they ranked it as the second most important factor that needs to be considered after or with the above-mentioned factor. One of the most interesting ways of setting backlink chains is to be creative while offline. These activities involve designing a picture and setting it up in a unique way possible. You can either use it to attract a sponsor or use it to entice another website! You can easily analyze the links of the website by the Website Link Analyzer Tool.

Content Quality!

The third and the most important factor that needs to be taken into consideration according to our own opinion is the quality of content. you must have a very unique, attractive, exciting and trendiest news and other content on your website which can attract users to your site and can bring more business in return.  The high quality of content is the one thing that focuses on building sponsor relationships. The more attractive your content will be, the more will be the chance of other sites setting their links on your page!

SEO Problems!

Now let us just move towards the SEO problems!

Negative SEO!

Negative SEO is usually not considered by website owners and developers, but you must be surprised to know that this is one of the most rising problems when it comes to bad search engine optimization of your website. Negative SEO is often done by your competitors or hackers who want your site to shut. Now, this is not done by mistake and is done purposefully to ensure the bad ranking of your site by your competitor!

Consider these points while looking for negative SEO!

  1. Spammy inbound links.
  2. De-indexing of a website
  3. Scraping of the website
  4. Hacking of the site and missing content!

This problem can be solved by reporting these activities to Google and by paying special; attention to inbound links.

Google Penalties!

You can get Google penalties and can get your website de-ranked too if you are not paying attention to your backlink links and always keep checking your backlinks with backlink checker. If the backlink chains are not performing well, then it means that they won’t be having a direct relationship with inbound links which in result can make your site look spammy and there is only one way to solve this problem. You can always pay special attention to maintain and adding backlink chains, and you can also take a deep dig into your competitor’s websites for a more fruitful SEO result!

Most important Google penalties are given on these factors!

  1. Bad backlinks.
  2. Copied content
  3. Stuffed keywords
  4. Hacking
  5. Cloaking
  6. Irrelevant content
  7. Website timeouts
  8. Too much anchor linking!
  9. Hidden links

Experts also recommend that you use unique titles and subheadings in your content to maintain good content quality! As mentioned above about the copied content so before publishing the content you must go for plagiarism check. You can give us your feedback, and for more details about translate text from image and online OCR, converter feel free to visit us again!