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4 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Ranking

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When it comes to improving your website’s ranking on search engine result pages, you need to take the SEO game seriously and work on various factors for making that possible. You might be looking forward to increasing sales or brand awareness of your online business. You can achieve such a goal in the online world by fully optimizing your website with white hat SEO tactics. The right combination of on-page and off-page SEO techniques, social media marketing, and advertising can help you reach the top of the search engine.

However, if your website isn’t ranking on search results even after investing so much effort, you should know the reasons that are becoming hurdles in your way towards success. We are here with this blog to provide you with a deep insight into the reasons due to which your site’s rank isn’t advancing on SERP.

But before we start discussing them, you should be well aware of your current search ranking. By checking the current search ranking of your site’s pages, you will get an idea of how much competition you need to beat to reach the position. Search engine rankings aren’t given out of the blue; your site is indexed on SERP against certain key phrases, and you need to optimize them properly. Therefore, it’s recommended to make use of a Keyword Rank Checker utility to determine the current ranking of your site instantaneously.

Now let’s discuss the reasons which are becoming a restriction in your journey of achieving a top rank of search results.


Tough Competition

Unless you are operating a recognized brand or having a monopoly, you will have to face severe competition in the web world. Against a specific search term, search engines will have multiple sites to rank, and they will provide top rankings to those sites with extraordinary content and trust among users. Therefore, the first reason that’s not letting you achieve a top rank on search engine result pages is the competition. Enter your desired keywords and select the region in the keyword rank checker to quickly examine the rivals you need to beat. The best way to stand out from the competition is by providing something valuable to the searchers which aren’t offered by others. If you don’t have time or expertise to work on such a thing, you can opt for another approach, i.e., to target low competition keywords.

Poor On-Page Optimization

Besides having strong backlinks and generating keyword-filled compelling content for your website, it can still fall short and doesn’t achieve a good rank due to poor on-page optimization. As an SEO executive or website owner, you should be aware of several aspects that improve the on-page optimization of your site. This can be done through several approaches, which include concise, natural, thought-provoking, and keyword-rich title tags. Moreover, you should create meta descriptions that shouldn’t exceed 160 characters but must be encouraging enough with primary keywords to make people click and access your web pages. Other than meta tags, you should also work on creating shortened URLs, as their length must fall between 50-100 characters. You can also take the assistance of an SEO checker to analyze your website by performing an SEO audit.

Thin Content


Are you creating enough content to be published over your website and convince Google to rank it? The primary focus of search engines, especially Google, is on providing relevant and comprehensive results against the search queries entered by the users. If you are working on generating unique content, but its length is thin, you won’t be able to get ranked on search results. As per a report, the top-ranked pages on Google mostly contain content of more than 2000 words. Now while increasing the length of content, you must not miss out on maintaining high quality. This problem isn’t something that cannot be fixed. You can analyze the length, quality, and value of content offered by the competitors and outclass them by generating even better content. After creating enough content check plagiarism to make sure your content is not plagiarized and free from any sort of errors.


Bad Link Building Practices


Backlinks work as trust signals of other sites on your site’s content and result in improving the authority and credibility in the eyes of Google. However, purchasing low-quality links isn’t a solution to improve your link-building game, as the smart algorithms of Google can easily analyze them. If your site is welcoming such backlinks, the SEO efforts you’ve been investing for so long will be greatly affected and result in the downfall of your rankings. Therefore, you should avoid bad link-building practices at any cost and check backlinks of your website. Always work on building high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites relevant to your niche.


How Can You Improve Your Website’s Search Visibility?


Instead of finding shortcuts, you need to work on a steady procedure that will help you reap results in the long term. Your site’s visibility on search engine result pages can be greatly affected by the aforementioned reasons. Due to the availability of top-notch SEO tools over the web, finding out the factors that are preventing you from achieving a top rank is no more a hectic task. From detecting plagiarism, checking page speed, to finding low-quality links, everything has become a piece of cake. You can review the reasons discussed above and check if your site is having similar issues. If yes, then fix these problems as soon as you can and improve your site’s ranking.