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Is Domain Age An Important SEO Factor for Google Ranking?

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Among hundreds of SEO ranking factors, domain age is also considered crucial for achieving a top rank on search engine result pages. However, you should know that domain age is NOT an actual ranking factor and doesn’t have any impact on the search engine optimization of your website. No doubt, a few years back, domain age had a positive impact on the performance and SEO of a website. But now, things have changed, and this factor is no longer a part of the SEO strategy that can boost your site’s performance and rankings on search results.

Considering domain age as a factor that can give your site an edge over the competitors on the search results is just a myth. We are here with this blog to help you figure out the correlation between SEO and domain age, why you should analyze the domain age of your website and the easiest way to check it. So, without any further ado, let’s start discussing this myth.


How Do Search Engines Perceive Domain Age?


In case you wish to analyze the age of your domain, you will look over the date when you registered it. However, that’s not how search engines like Google observe a domain age. As per the search engine guidelines, they don’t determine the domain age from its registration date. Instead, it’s perceived by investigating the historical data and figuring out the date when the domain was first seen over the web. 

But the question that arises is that if domain age doesn’t impact your rankings, then why does Google use it? Well, the historical data about a domain, which includes its age, is used by Google to fight against webspam. Google has incorporated various algorithms to eliminate the count of backlinks that exist on expired domains. The domain age and the content of a site are observed closely by Google to determine and provide accurate rankings to all web pages without creating any ambiguity.


Why Should You Check Domain Age?


Even though the domain age doesn’t directly impact your rankings on the search engine result pages, you could still extract more from an older domain as compared to the new one. The natural existence of older domains on higher ranks of search results will give you an edge over competitors. However, it doesn’t mean that after purchasing a domain, you will be able to change the prospects but enjoy the same ranking and traffic. 

Google bots are way smarter than you think you are. They are already aware of when a domain is purchased or sold (new and old both). Its advanced algorithms will not take into account the backlinks that were existing on the old domain if it observes a change in the content of both versions. 

You might be wondering how it will be advantageous then. Well, if you opt to buy a new domain, then it can take a considerable amount of time to get indexed on Google’s search results. However, the pages of the older domain have the tendency to obtain a rank on search results faster than the new ones.


Domain Age Checker: Find Accurate Results


Are you looking forward to purchasing an old or expired domain? Do you wish to know its accurate age before buying it? If yes, then you can get your hands on the domain age checker. This online service provides you with authentic results within a matter of seconds. You don’t need a plugin or software for identifying the age of any domain due to the easy accessibility of the domain age checker.


That’s it!


The information discussed above might have made you understand that considering domain age as an important SEO factor is just a myth. You will not be able to enjoy high rankings just by purchasing an old or expired domain. But you can surely enjoy other perks associated with domain age.