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The Basics of IP Addresses

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If you are thinking about what is my IP and what it really stands for, then you are in the right place because we are going to talk about the basics of IP today. The two letters IP stands for the term Internet Protocol. The complete term that is used generally is “IP Address”, and as we have mentioned earlier that IP actually stands for Internet protocol, the address, however, refers to the number that is linked to a website. This number is unique and cannot be repeated for any other web page or site whatsoever. This number linked to the address is also linked to all the activities you’ll do on that webpage. This IP address is just like the mailing address of a person that you send your letters to. This was just the basic concept of what is my IP address, and from this point further, the lesson becomes more tough and complicated.

The complexities of IP addresses from their generation to their use can be better explained by IT experts and web designers, but if we see today we are also connected to each other through these web IP addresses, and it’s better that we know about what they really are and their use in details. Every time you surf the web, there is an IP address working for you in the back end system of the web page like domains are hosted on a server. You can also find the number of domains by reverse IP lookup. There is so much detail, and information about IP addresses that it is necessary that one should know its basics.

You Are Connected!

You will be fascinated to know that you and your computer are always connected to the internet indirectly. What really happens is that first of all you are connected through a valid network connection and then the connection grants you access to the internet, and then you are connected to the internet and can surf the web on whatever page you want.

Have you ever thought that out of millions and trillions of devices working on the same page you can also access the same page and can surf it individually and independently? If no, then your answer is through IP addresses. The network that you are using for your internet connection may be your personal one at home or at your workplace or even on the road, but every time a new IP address is generated just for you. This IP address even contains your location, yes you can also check the IP location. This is the very reason that only you and only you can access your private pages and emails or any work-related matter. You will never face any problem while you are going through IP addresses.

Protocols Are Protocols and Must Be Followed!

As we mentioned earlier, your personal and sensitive data and surfing history is not public property, and it just belongs to you through your IP. To make sure that there is no breach and to make sure that you can do whatever you want on the internet your computer is wired and programmed to properly work with networking software and a built-in set of rules. These rules are actually the protocols that are needed to be followed, and they are at all times because of the delicate programming. These protocols are also responsible for the exchange of data and to turn data back and forth. Now you will be curious about that What is my IP?

What Does It Mean When We Say Back and Forth Data?

Most of you must have gotten confused with the concept of the above terms but don’t worry your data is absolutely secure. By this term, we mean that the data that you use through your computer goes through the internet to the exact address, and then the activity is recorded as history in your browser from where you can track it back easily. 

At your home, this is easier to understand as almost all of us use a wired or satellite data connection which directly connects through your system. But don’t think of the IP address that you are using to be your own private asset as it can change and it will change you can try and do it yourself by just turning your modem off and on again. The IP address that you use is only for the time being used and not multiple times. 
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