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Free Resources for Your Websites During this Pandemic

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The world is passing through one of the most challenging times due to this COVID-19 outbreak. Most of us are facing circumstances that we never even heard before. The economy, health, and every other sector of our lives have been affected disastrously because of this pandemic. But, a positive man always finds something productive from an unpleasant situation. If you take this time positively, then you can turn it into the most beneficial period of your life. You can read books, give time to your family, and perform many other things that you usually couldn’t do due to your hectic and busy routine. 

If you are a website owner or a blogger, then trust me, you can easily change this period in a blessing. In this article, we will discuss some handy tools that can help you in improving your website while staying at home. You don’t need to go through any hassle to make your website more appealing and functional, as these online tools only require a good internet connection, and that’s all. 


Grammar Checker


We all know that unique and appealing content is the essential component of a website. If you succeed in making high-quality content for your site, then no one can stop you from achieving a higher rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). However, analyzing the quality of the content is a hectic and challenging task, as you have to go through all the content by yourself, which becomes more complicated if the content is quite large. Also, you must have a firm grip on grammar to detect any mistake in the writing. 

But, you can find the grammatical mistakes in your content by using an efficient online grammar checker. This online tool allows you to see all the errors in the content within a few seconds. There is no hard effort required from your side except uploading the content on the tool. The rest of the work will be done by this online grammar checker tool, and all the mistakes existing in your writing will be detected within a matter of seconds. 


Plagiarism Checker


While working over the web, the biggest issue that everyone usually faces is plagiarism. Search Engines like Google pay attention to plagiarized content and throw all the sites having duplicated content at the bottom of SERP. That’s why it becomes essential to be extra careful while uploading any material over the web. This stay-at-home period gives you a fantastic opportunity to check the uniqueness of your content. You can detect any duplication or piracy in your writing, or the content you took from some freelancers by using a free plagiarism checker

This content duplication checker provides you with a fantastic opportunity to find any minor duplication in your writing and helps you in making unique and high-quality content.


Backlink Checker


One of the critical aspects of improving a site’s SEO is backlinks. Backlinks work as positive signals and reflect the trust signal of websites on a webpage that makes Google enhance its rank on SERP. You should use this time to analyze the backlink profile of your website and compare it with competitors’ sites so that you can work on improving it. The backlink checker is a great free service that allows you to keep a check on the backlink profile of any website without facing any troubles.


Reverse Image Search


Running a website isn’t an easy task as many people misuse the images uploaded on a site and take all credits. This practice can come to an end if you start using a reverse image search tool. By merely entering the URL of an image, you can find out which websites are using your image without consent or giving credits. As you will find these sites, you can claim copyright infringement or ask the owners to give a backlink to your site, which will improve your visibility in search engine results.


To Sum it Up


While staying at home during this pandemic, you can do many productive things that you usually couldn’t do due to your professional duties. The tools discussed above by searchenginereports.net will be a great help in making your site more appealing and error-free amid the corona crisis being faced by the whole world.