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Auditing and Monitoring your websites with Free SEO tools

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Now if you feel like checking and auditing your website or pages for search engine optimization and other factors, then this is the best content for you. You should know that there are many tools on the web that can help you audit and monitor your site for any problem and sudden changes.

As a website owner or manager, you should know that Google’s algorithms keep on changing and improving as far as rankings are concerned, you have to keep up with the search engine if you want to exist on the top ranks. Visibility on the top is very much important for a website, and you must know that if you are lost in the last pages, then you have the same status as a person having no website and sitting idle at his home!


HubSpot Grade


Now the first SEO tool in our today’s essay belongs to HubSpot. The grader tool is a unique tool and is at the same time important for a website that is sharing a good ranking or search position with the search engine. Now with this online SEO tool, you can generate complete reports about the different metrics of your website. If you are unfamiliar with this grader tool, then you should know that you can easily find out about:

  • You can know about the performance of a website with this tool. The tool will analyze metrics like page size, speed, requests, and other SEO related factors.
  • The grader tool will tell you whether your website or webpage is ready to serve mobile users or not. This information is very important for a website owner.
  •  The tool will also tell you about the security aspects of your website and will tell you about the JavaScript libraries!
  • You can also know about the search engine optimization score of the website!


Website SEO checker by SearchEngineReports.net


Now, this tool is one of the most important tools that you can find on the web. This online SEO checker can help managers and owners a lot in checking different aspects of their website. As the name of the tool tells us this web tool by searchenginereports.net is the best for finding SEO scores and other SEO metrics about a website. If you have never used this SEO tool before then you should know that with this online SEO checker, you can get information about:

  • Page titles and their availability, you can know about the characters used in the title and will also tell you about the truncate rate of search engines.
  • You will get to know about the use of meta descriptions on your page, and you will also know whether they are effective with respect to the search engine or not.
  • You will also get complete information about the keywords that you have used in your content if any and will tell you about the ranks of the used words as well.
  • You will get to know about the google search results preview with the help of this online SEO checker.
  • You can easily run a keyword test with the help of this complete SEO checker.
  • The SEO checker by search engine reports will also tell you about the status of headings that you have added to your page.
  • The SEO checker will also run a complete robot.txt test.
  •  You can also see the results for the sitemap test with this SEO audit tool.
  • The website audit tool will also run a complete backlink check and will tell you all about the broken backlinks on your site!

This website SEO score checker can help you a lot in auditing your site from top to bottom, and this is why it is famous among users all across the globe!


Use plagiarism Checkers


Plagiarism checker tools are really very important when it comes to checking your website and monitoring its SEO factors. You should know that unique content is very much important for a website and if people start copying from your published content, then it is also going to affect your position which is not at all good for your website health. You should know that an accurate plagiarism checker is available online that can help you check the status of your published content. You just have to make sure that you add the URL of the site on the tool and it will tell you if someone is copying and using your content without authorization!

There are many more SEO tools that can help you in auditing and monitoring your website, but for now, you should stick to the tools that we have discussed above for you guys. All of these online tools are free of cost and are very easy to use, so don’t miss a chance and start improving your content!