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Why Are Students Prone to Plagiarize Academic Assignments?

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Maintaining a higher rank in your class or university is a herculean task that requires a great amount of hard work. Or, if you want to get a top position in your batch, then it needs extreme attention and struggles from your side. However, the immense upgradation in technology has given a chance for many students to accomplish their academic tasks without making any efforts. Plagiarism has become a serious offense in the current educational environment that is committed by a vast range of students without even noticing its harmful effects. 

In this article, we are going to see the primary reasons that lead a student to go towards this unethical and awful action. So, let’s look into why students are prone to plagiarize academic assignments.  


Extreme Competition


You might have witnessed many students who always look nervous and worried about their academic results and want to get a good position in their class at any cost. The immense pressure from their families is the main reason behind this issue. Such students become extra conscious about their studies and look for a way that can help them in performing their tasks timely. Most of them end up copying the work from the internet and present it to their instructors as their own. This unethical activity may get their work done, or save them from temporary insult, but it will harm their academics for the rest of their lives. 




One of the biggest reasons for committing plagiarism is indolence. There are many students in our surroundings who take their studies for granted. Leaving the task for tomorrow mostly leads them to face a shortage of time to meet the deadline for submitting the assignment. In the end, they don’t have any other option instead of copying the work of others or duplicating the content from the web and pasting it into their own assignment. 


Lack of Interest


The likes or dislikes of everyone can’t be the same. The same goes for the subjects; students may find some subjects uninteresting or boring. Now, if they are asked to make an assignment about that particular subject, they may try to find shortcuts that can assist them in performing their task without requiring any hard effort. Duplicating other’s work or copying it from the web is the best thing that they can do, and they consider it the real life-saver. 

But here, strict action is required from the instructors, as it’s their duty to adopt some strategy that can make the subject interesting for such students. Giving some extra time to such students can be a great solution to encourage or motivate students to do their assignments by themselves. 


Thrilling Task


You might already know the theory that we all have a subconscious desire to get something that belongs to others. But, some students take this theory to the next level, and they start feeling proud to copy the work of others. They believe that committing this illegal activity is a heroic task and duplication won’t be detected ever. But, the reality is completely reverse to it, as this awful act turns into a habitual process for them, and sooner or later, they might get caught. 

If you are a teacher, then you might have heard “Everyone copies.” This is one of the common phrases that students used when they are caught, and they feel that if everyone does this activity, then there is nothing wrong with it. So, it is the responsibility of teachers to explain to them the negative effects of plagiarism and how it can destroy their academic and professional lives in no time. 

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Last Few Lines


Plagiarism is swamping the entire academic career of students, and it has an adverse impact on their overall performance. A great responsibility comes on the shoulders of their instructors to encourage them to create exclusive content instead of copying others. Therefore, the issue needs to be tackled with concentration, and instructors should opt for innovative ways to discourage the students from duplicating others’ work. The use of an advanced plagiarism checker can be a great option to handle this issue. This tool allows everyone to check the percentage of plagiarism existing in their uploaded content.