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Why and When Do You Need to Use SEO Tools?

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If you have a website and are on social media or you have a website and are not on social media. In either case, at some point, you will ask yourself, ‘do I need to use SEO tools‘. Just to give you a quick idea about what is SEO, this word is bandied about so much on the web nowadays. The literal meaning of this abbreviation is ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO). This again does not make any sense to a person who is not familiar with these internet abbreviations or this technique. So, let’s adopt another route to simplify it.

Simple Explanation of SEO

Imagine if you want to buy a particular brand of milk, and you walk into a superstore to buy it. You walk into the aisle where all the different brands of milk cartons are stacked on the shelves. Right up at eye level, you don’t see the brand you want. After searching around, you discover it stacked in a bottom shelf. You reach down and pick it up; silently, you curse the store for placing it where it’s not easily visible and easy to pick up and place in your shopping cart. Ask yourself this question, why does the store not put this brand where it’s easily visible. The answer is straight forward. The store places the most popular brands that sell the most on the shelves, which are convenient for shoppers.

This is exactly what happens when you run a search on your computer’s browser. The search engine, like Google, will return millions of websites. On the first page, that’s displayed will be the top ranking websites that have the closest fit to your search query. Like the superstore has stacked the most popular brands of milk on the most visible and easily reachable shelves; Google is displaying the most popular sites that answer your query on the first page. Making sure that a website displays on the first or second page of a Google search are called in computer geek’s terminology SEO. 

On a search query in Google, if it returns millions of sites that match your query, you will look at the sites on the first page, if you don’t find a website that you like you will open the second page. But no one is going to scroll beyond that; why? That’s human nature. 

When do you need SEO tools?

If you are selling any products or services and have expanded your business or are planning to sell on the internet, you will need to familiarize yourself with SEO tools or hire someone to optimize your website. 

Remember the milk buying example? It’s the same with the internet. With millions of websites jostling with each other to rank on top of their particular search queries, so they are more visible and more people visit their sites; this in SEO terms is called ‘page ranking’ and ‘traffic.’ To reach on top and for your website to appear on the first page of a Google search, you will need search engine optimization.

Depending on what level of visibility you want your website to appear, you will have to decide whether you need SEO tools or not. If you want your website to bring in droves of traffic, then you will definitely need to use SEO. 

Do a simple search on Google, and you will find several sites that advertise SEO tools. But better make an effort, you can explore https://searchenginereports.net/. You will find;

And there are a lot more. Optimizing a website requires know how and a skill set. If you think you have these and the time, then go ahead and get into optimizing your website.