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Advanced Method to Promote New Content

After creating and publishing content using free SEO tools, several people expect its dramatic outcomes. Always remember that it is not possible without promoting your content. If you want to increase the value of your content, you have to promote it to grab the attention of potential readers. Some people enjoy amazing success with their unique strategies to develop new content. They can have hundreds or even thousands of online readers. You can enjoy similar success with the help of particular strategies & using Free SEO Tools we are going to share in this post.

Killer Quote by an Influencer

Before publishing new content, you should approach the influencer of your industry. Tell him the topic of your article or post and take his/her point of view. You can get the information about influencer with the help of an online tool “BuzzStream.” It is easy to find influencers by filling information about specific keywords (niches). You can contact them via social media and email. It allows you to ask for quotes on particular topics.

Create Over 20 Snippets for Sharing on Social Platforms

A content can produce over 20 snippets to share on social media. Snippets can be one of the followings:

  • Statistics from content
  • Concise quotes from content
  • Concise statements from content
  • Variations of titles

You can pull almost 20 snippets from your content. Share each snippet on social media for several weeks or months. If content works well, continue using these snippets. There are some WordPress tools and plugins to tweet old content, such as evergreen tweeter post, tweetily, and tweet old post. You can share old and new posts on social media. You may queue several posts and set up your preferred schedule to share these posts on social media.

After publishing your content on a site, you can share it on social media and mention your referenced people. These may be an essential part of snippets. People (you have tagged) can see that you have mentioned them. Some of these can re-share your content. You can include a link to the article and send via email to specific people.

Send Direct Message to Influencers on LinkedIn

You can feel the power of influencers by getting access to their inbox. LinkedIn is an excellent way to access inbox of influencers. To send them a direct message, you will need a connection with these people on LinkedIn. Connect with the different connections of your influencers. Connecting with an influencer with a second-degree connection is easy.

If you want to connect with influencers via LinkedIn, it is essential to look at their profile. Find groups on their profile and choice some of these groups. By becoming the member of a similar group, it will be easy for you to send a request for connection. After making a connection with influencers, you can send a direct message to them.

Contact People in Similar Niche

You can contact different people who share the same content. While researching data for your content, you may come across various articles. Save URLs from relevant sites and search them on social sites, such as Twitter. It allows you to see people who are sharing similar content. Try to connect with them so that you can send direct messages. If you find their website, you can contact via their contact form or email. Request them to read your content and share it. All these efforts will help you to promote your new content.

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