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No Traffic: What to Do Now?

Do you think you need Google index checker? Do you have the problem of low traffic? It means you need to check the reason if Google has indexed all your pages or not. The majority of the SEOs do not agree at this point when it comes to tracking the SEO efforts. Indexation is an authentic metric on which no one can argue. To attain the top position in the Google Search, every SEO spends a good time, but seriously, it does not matter. SEOs are very accurate in optimizing, updating and creating the perfect page to get the high position in Google ranking but without indexation, the chances to get organic traffic is zero. What is the solution?  You must track all pages of your website, indexed and crawled by Google. On the other hand, Google may crawl your page but not index it.

What is indexation?

Google uses crawlers to scan the web. Crawling each of your web pages, Google construes the documents, splits it out. The crawlers store information and pars out all the links. It stores the data including anchor text with its link where it points to and keyword. It lets the crawlers to search their index instantly. Google index the link data. It allows them to figure out the quality scores and the Page ranking. You can track all these activities with the help of the authentic and efficient Google Index Checker Tool.

Use Google Index Checker

You want to increase your website searches and be indexed on the web. The use of the Google index checker PHP is good to keep the record of the web pages when Google crawls and indexes your site. It’s ideal to use a bulk Google index checker tool, which you can find for free. In this way, you will be able to learn whether Google has indexed your URL or not.

You have two options to check the Google index by using the Google index Checker PHP or manually one by one for each page. If you have a single site to check then it is not a big deal but if you have more than a site then these sites have a large number of pages and you need to check whether it is indexing or not. Maybe, all these pages are not indexed by Google. This tool will allow you to review each and every page.

How does it work?

For the SEO expert and a webmaster, it is good to keep a track if the site is indexed correctly or not. Obviously, you will not like missing out the traffic. This will not be a challenge for you to check the Google indexation with the help of the Index Checker. Now you need to check the URL of the website. The Google URL index checker at Search Engines Reports allows you to keep track for


five URLs at a time.

Improve your website traffic by keeping track online. This is very easy to use tool that does not take much time to show results. You just have to paste the links in the box and get the result in some clicks. This means it is a user-friendly tool that provides accurate and perfect results.

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