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The Co-relation between SEO and Reverse image search

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SEO is undoubtedly an inevitable part of a site that wishes to grow organically in this competitive environment. You cannot attract organic traffic to your website unless it is flawless in all aspects. The search engines also work in a similar way; a page’s rank is decided by smart ranking algorithms after assessing its SEO health. Without implying SEO tactics, it would be almost impossible for your site to gain a rank on search engine result pages. SEO or Search Engine Optimization itself involves hundreds of strategies, which are divided into three main types, including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. A combination of all three of them helps a site achieve a significant position in the eyes of Google; therefore, a rank on the first page of search results. 

However, the game isn’t this easy!

Since everyone is aware of the SEO strategies that could improve their position on SERP, it has become tough to outshine others in this fierce competition. One of the most crucial factors of SEO, backlinks, play a major role in determining your site’s success. Backlinks work as the trust signals that other websites have on your site’s content. It’s considered a valuable factor by search engines, as it allows them to assess how valuable your content could be for the audience. You’ll find a number of ways to boost your backlinks over the web; however, we are here to explain the way that you might not be well aware of. The reverse image search service is an easy way to boost your SEO. You might be wondering that it’s simply a tool that retrieves similar images over the web. So how could it play a role in improving SEO? In this blog, we have got everything covered about how SEO and reverse image search are interlinked. So without any further delay, let’s get started!


SEO and Reverse Image Search: What’s the Connection?

Reverse image search is a modern-day invention that’s based on the Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) technique to discover similar images available over the web. Since reverse image search retrieves similar pictures, you can treat them as ‘opportunities.’ This whole process starts with the self-assessment. You can use Google Analytics to identify the best-performing pages of your website. These pages are performing well due to the content they contain, so the next step is to extract the images uploaded on them.

Since your pages are already doing well, it’s a possibility that other websites might have taken inspiration from them and also used the images. Now, the most crucial part is to identify the sources which contain your images without giving any credits or linking back to your site. 

Here, the reverse image search facility comes to play its part. You can upload the images on this tool, and as a result, it will display the results from where you can easily figure out the webpages using them. You can simply contact the webmasters of those sites and ask them to kindly provide your site with a backlink as they are using your content. But before asking for backlinks, there’s another thing to be considered that’s further discussed in this article.


Quality Over Quantity: Assess Authority!

Before you jump on to the link building strategy, you should know that the quality of backlinks matters more than their quantity. The backlinks arriving from the sites outside your niche are considered low-quality, and instead of improving your ranking, they work negatively. Therefore, it’s essential to assess the authority and relevancy of the sites from where you are about to get backlinks. After using the reverse image search tool, you’ll find hundreds or thousands of backlink opportunities, but you shouldn’t contact them all. Narrow down the sites that are closely relevant to your niche and evaluate their domain authority. Subsequently, contact the webmasters through email and ask them to provide credits to your site with a backlink.

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The Bottom Line

That’s how the reverse image search tool and SEO are correlated. For finding similar pictures, you should get your hands on the best reverse image search tool available in the market. Most of the online platforms like Searchenginereports.net provide you with this service for free. You can access this tool from any corner of the world and start finding backlink opportunities to boost your SEO.